Saturday, June 29, 2013

Recipe 92 - Equality Veggs

Happy Saturday!   Happy Weekend!  It's also Happy Pride Weekend around these parts.    I've also heard it's vegan pizza day!  I'm wondering if I'll get any later?  MmmMm.

I'm sure you didn't expect to see me on a Saturday morning, did you?   Well, I'm sitting here waiting for my family to pick me up for an outing to Kings Island.  My cousins are in town for the weekend, so this is actually why you're getting an early blog.   Basically, because I made this yesterday morning..  And it's fitting.. because tomorrow is the end of Jumbled June!

So, I went at this Thursday night.   If you've followed me at all, you would know that this picture to your right would associate with blog recipe #82 - Angelic Eggs.   The recipe called for hard boiled eggs, and this is the closest I could get in a vegan version, so I whipped them up again for this recipe.  

So, a scotch egg calls for you to wrap it in sausage.   So, I got a little bit of litelife sausage and started wrapping.   Angelic eggs are very breakable (as you see in the pic above) so this was no easy task to get them wrapped without killing them.  That and I had to put two halves together.. I've not perfected a full on vegan 'egg'.   Mooshing the two together made me lose some yolk... sigh.

Once that's done, you're supposed to roll the round in toasted bread crumbs and seasoned flour.   Well, that's easy.. (you think?)   Nothing wanted to stick, which is wild because the consistency of litelife sausage is ridiculously sticky.. but I digress, I did the best job I could.

Into the frying pan one went..  seared, fried, rolled, sizzle boom pop.  
I was setting up my fruit because I would feel really guilty had I not coupled two of these fried things with something halfway healthy.
(Do not confuse vegan for health food.. we vegans can sometimes be junk-food junkies!)   I love fried food, unfortunately!

I made two.. and added my fruit..  now, once again this is a recipe I've never attempted before un-vegan, so it's hard to say if it turned out exact.   I did get the slimy eggy feel from the inside, and the nice fried sausage on the outside.   It worked great with OJ and my fruit.   Personally I thought it needed some sort of sauce.  (Does anyone out there know if Scotch Eggs utilize sauce?)  The four recipes I looked up didn't show any sauce.

All in all, I personally think this made a better breakfast food than how they put it 'gastropub' food.  But what do I know?  

Well - maybe I'm about to find out what I don't know in our next month!
Jumbled June (and the last RoVL June) is closing out.   We have two more months to go - and I'm about to take you on a whirlwind summer vacation in July.

I bet you can't wait!
(Neither can I.)
Hope you have your frequent flyer miles ready!

Peace, Love and Happy Weekend!


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