Monday, April 22, 2013

Recipe 82 - The most angelic 'eggs' you'll ever eat!

So here it is, the one you've all been waiting for.. the one, the only - "how in the heck did she make a vegan egg look and taste like the real thing?", blog post.

Well, I'm kinda gonna tell you.
And I'm also going to add that this is probably the easiest recipe I, or you will ever make!

You would think that something so dead-on would be harder?
The trick is in the molds.  I was lucky enough to have candy molds in the shape of eggs.  If you don't have those molds, you're mouth might not be as convinced.. but I'm going to tell you - I served one to the sister (who is already EXTREMELY picky about her food) and she said it tasted 'just like' a deviled egg.

I think this is good fooling food!

This was a two part process.   I was bound and DETERMINED not to use tofu in this.  I knew there had to be a way to sub tofu.. and really, it's all in the 'gelling' agent as to how you do something so easy w/o the dreaded 'tofu' (can you see I'm not a huge fan?)
The whites took only three ingredients.   Do you see tofu in my group?


Mixing the right amount is the science here..  You don't want a gloppy mess, as well as you don't want a weird salty mess either.  (The black salt is pungent enough - go overboard, you'll wish you hadn't..)  Boil this stuff and mix it like crazy was the rule..then pour it in the molds.
I did just that.
During the molding process, I did some yoga.

 Once done with yoga, I was prepared to make the filling.
Set two - HELLO, no tofu.  (Now, the mayo, unfortunately was soy based, but I couldn't find a mayo that wasn't.. I've never used mindful mayo so I don't know if it is or not, but no matter.. I still have not used tofu in this recipe!!)

Mix the right amount of all that together (and really the gem in the mine here is The Vegg), make rounded cavities in your molded 'eggs' THEN....  And you can do one of two things.

You can be like me and just be lazy cuz you wanna eat them and dip the filling in with a spoon.
You could be fancy and get out the icing bag and fancy tip and make it all kinds of really pretty.. (which is what I'll do if I'm invited to any summer picnics, because THESE will be starring there.)

But I wanted one, like NOW.
So I spooned the stuff in, and ate three..
Yes, I ate three immediately.  I had 8.
I ate another one on Sunday morning.
Then I just had to give one to my sister.. and she was the guinea pig here.. and I was so darned pleased with her answer. :)

Jen ate the last, and said that they satisfied her feeling for deviled eggs.. .  I think this is a WIN!

Amazing.  And all thanks to the angel in my lap, my baby Bella.  She made it so it was possible for me to do something amazing like this, I'm just sure of it! :)
I might have to make some more this weekend... just for the hay of it.

So we're nearing the end of "angry bird" month.. and we'll end it in a very strange way.
With one of my FAVORITE angry birds... ;)

Stay tuned.. more info later this week!

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