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Angels, Devils and the Ostrich Oh My!

 Oh the incredible (INEDIBLE) egg!   Check the size on that one?!  This folks, is an ostrich egg.  And that is where our blog starts for this veganization.  With the Ostrich.

I found some amazing information about the ostrich online, but before I get to that,  won't you consider donating to the life of an ostrich?   Did you know that they're almost extinct as we know them?  Any help would do.
Click on the ostrich to learn more about this particular sanctuary.

Now, check this out and understand what's going on:

"This big bird with feet resembling an extinct large dinosaur has indeed its place in history. One stands with amazement at the sheer height and the size of its bones, in particular the thighs. The immensely well developed thighs are evidence that this bird is capable of speeds of up to 43 miles per hour in short bursts, and up to 30 miles per hour at sustained speed (up to 15 minutes or more) with strides up to 12 ft., able to kick any enemy with deadly force to protect itself in case of need.

The Ostrich then is the biggest living bird today as it stands between 6 and 10 ft. tall and can weigh more than 400 lbs. Birds have been known to live up to 70 years of age, but the average life span is between 45 and 50 years.

One of the oldest birds in the world, they existed as a species 40 million years ago as they used to graze the lands in Asia, Europe and Africa. Now they can only be found on the African continent in the wild. Ostrich farms however  are common in many countries where the birds are bred for supplying humans with products for consumption.  (NOOO! NOOO! NOOO!)

Female Ostrich are called hens and can lay eggs every 2nd day, from March to September. Eggs weigh anywhere between 3-4 lbs. Normally they lay between 30 - 50 eggs a year, but cases have been recorded of more than 100 annually. The incubation time for the eggs is 42 -43 days, producing chicks of about 10 inches tall weighing about 2 pounds. Even when her eggs are mixed in with those of other birds, the female Ostrich shows an uncanny ability to distinguish her own from the rest of the bunch.

Ostriches only have two toes, and one toenail. They have three pairs of eyelids and do not possess a keeled sternum (breastbone) like most other birds. Unlike popular believe, an Ostrich does not stick its head in the sand but stretches out its neck on the ground in order not to be seen by predators. In spite of the fact that the Ostrich brain is smaller than its eye, this bird is by no means stupid although difficult to domesticate or train due to their lack of brain size. These birds are able to detect a predator from a large distance, not only because of their height but also their excellent eyesight.

And that is just a SMIDGEN of info on the Ostrich.   What an amazing bird!  Please don't eat them - or their eggs!  They don't have to be angry, but they're angry because you're stealing from them.  You wouldn't steal from a person, so don't steal from the ostrich (or any other animal!) - Dig?

Now, let's move on to this week's veganization.
I've decided to woo you with my ability to make vegan deviled eggs look like the real thing.
Now, I've never done this, so I don't know if I really HAVE that ability, but I'm going to have faith in myself, and faith in the angel I'm dedicating these to.

That's right, I'm dedicating these "eggs" to my angel, Bella.  (We talked about this earlier in the week).

Sweet girl.

Bella lounging, winter 2011
So let's do some numbers:

Deviled Eggs                     AngelBella Eggs
                            1 egg
Calories - 64                              30                                                 
Total Fat  - 5.4                            1
Cholesterol - 107                         0
Sodium - 74                               12
Total Carbs - 0.3                          1
Fiber - 0                                      2
Protein - 3.1                                2.8
WW Pts - 2                                 0

Aw HOLLA!  We made a "0" WW Points!   That's about as angelic as it gets!

So, I'll start on these, maybe Saturday.  Maybe Friday.  It really depends on my mood.  I'm trying to pull myself out of the funk I've been in since I lost my beeby, so maybe doing a little cooking will help, considering I've been living off of leftovers the past few days.   It's time to start working on things again. 

Do you think I can make this resemble an egg?
And better yet - do it w/o the help of Tofu?

You just watch..
Be prepared to be amazed.  I've got an angel in my lap. ;)

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