Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Owls... I'm lovin' em.

Good evening!

I would like to share with you, some thoughts about eating meat.  Some thoughts that if you're not already vegan you probably will dismiss.. but it is something to remember.

People like to use the idea that the great lion eats meat, so it's a natural instinct.
Well, that's a lion.  How often do you hunt down your prey, and eat it intact, without skinning it, bleeding it, and frying it over an open flame?

*THAT'S natural instinct.*

Can you say that you do that?   Is that natural to you?  Is that natural to anyone besides the animals that DO it?

If you go back to the book of "Genesis" (Yes I'm quoting the bible because most of you will relate to this).  Adam and Eve ate from the land.  They did NOT eat their fellow animals, nor did they steal from them.  (eggs, milk).   It wasn't until Eve made the sin that we as humans, evolved into murderers.  So, before you go all Christian on me and say God put the animals here for you to eat, check yourself.  It wasn't until you SINNED that you TOOK from the bounty of God... if you believe in the word of God, and you believe you don't sin... well, stop stealing the bodies and excrements of our animals.  It's only 'natural'.

Now, let me step off for a moment and direct you to my very favorite meat eater...

Owls are raptors, they hunt, they have a taste for meat.  They are not herbivores, yet more omni than anything.   I know, when you think of a raptor you think of this guy   >>

OK, I'll stop!!!

That's a raptor too, yes.. but all of our meat eating birds are direct descendants of raptors..
Infact, our beloved chicken is the closest relation to t-rex.. let me re-direct you HERE for all of that good info.

There's a place here close to me that educates people on raptors.  They even have owl prowls (which I went to last year, and it was amazing).  Check them out!

I heart owls.  If you walk into my home you'll notice it.

So - what do owls have to do with my next veganization?

Well - maybe not much but a little.
I dunno if people eat owl eggs... (look what comes from owl eggs - OMG!)
altogether now.. AWWW!
Regardless, in this next veganization, I was inspired.
Owls inspire me.. and apparently so do billboards.

Eggs, Sausage, Cheese....
(baby owls, owl food, owl...hhmm, I know, I know.. I'm stretching)

I was inspired by a McDonalds billboard.

(insert record screech sound - or owl screech here.. your choice)

Yeah - I know... did you hear the one about the man who just un-earthed a McDonalds hamburger from 1999 and everything was still perfectly in-tact, only thing that had disentigrated was the pickle?


Coming home one night I saw this sausage breakfast burrito staring me in the face and I said - that looks like it might taste good!

So - with that, we're about to veganize McDonalds breakfast burrito.
So easy.

I'd like to make my own tortilla.. we'll see what happens.  Last time I did that I failed miserably.

Let's talk about this:
McDonalds wacky advertising says thus:
Spice up your morning with peppers, onions, fluffy scrambled eggs, sausage and melty cheese all wrapped in a soft tortilla.

I'll do it.  I'll do it one better, I'll do it vegan style!
Let's look at the numbers

McDonalds Burrito     McVegan's Owlrrito
Calories - 300                        143                        
Total Fat  - 16                           5
Cholesterol - 115                      0
Sodium - 790                         223
Total Carbs - 26                      10
Fiber - 1                                   3  
Protein - 12                              4
WW Pts - 8                              3

And we win again..
And before I get ready to get this thing going.. why, oh WHY is the owl an angry bird?

Cuz you're pissing them off!
Stop killing their prey!  Stop invading their territory!

Respect the owl.. and she'll respect you.

Breakfast is slated for Friday morning.
Be there - or be a hunted mouse.

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