Monday, April 29, 2013

Recipe 83 - McLovin' bein' vegan!

Howdy folks!

This recipe was so darn easy (just like McDonalds would do) that I may have to find filler just to be able to get all the photos in.
However, I could just give you photos, but that wouldn't be half as fun now, would it?

Let's start here.

The ingredients:

I cut several corners here.. the only thing TRULY fresh were the peppers and onion.  But of course, when in Rome  (or in this case, when doing a McDonalds redux)do as the McDonaldland chefs!

I started with my peppers and onions and made a lovely colorful cocktail which I cooked to absolute perfection as shown.

During the time that this was cooking, I prepped my creamy 'Teese'.  Which is a spreadable vegan cheese.. and something I ADORE on macaroni.  I warmed it up in a little bowl, then stirred, and threw the peppers and onions in a bowl next to it.

Then it was time for my 'sausage'.

I prefer the 'gimme lean' ground style of sausage that I can break up into bits.. it looks and tastes (to me anyway) like the real thing.   While this was cooking, I prepared my 'vegg' and mixed it in with some tofu to resemble scrambled eggs.. thus:

No secret how easy this was.. and how quickly it was all done.  I seperated everything into bowls and then the fun began.  I poured my OJ and set up my burrito wrap, then spread my cheese on top.

From there, I decided to describe a rainbow in my burrito.. I placed everything nicely inside and tried to recall how the hospital told us to burrito wrap a baby - 18 years ago when my neice was born.  Shoot, I'm AMAZING at baby burrito wrapping.. but the goods always fall out of my food burrito.. (I guess as long as the baby isn't falling out, we're ok.)

I always tend to over-fill.. but it didn't matter.. this, was yummy!  I'd imagine (considering I've never had one) that it tastes very similar to the one from McDonalds, albeit a bit (maybe) healthier.  (Hey EVERYTHING vegan can't always be 'healthy', we get to play too!)
Given the fact that when I got home later that evening, my kitchen smelled a bit like McDonalds, I think I accomplished what I set out to do... now, if only I would have made those hash browns at midnight!

Ok - we're moving on to May and I have a treat for you.
What's that treat?
I guess you have to stay tuned to find out.

Til then!

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Hash Browns (I told you!)

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