Friday, September 9, 2011

What came first? The dino or the egg?!

Most of you that know me, know that I've got a small obsession with dinosaurs, lions, Johnny Depp, Jodie Foster and avocados.  But let's not dwell on that, shall we?  I'm going to give you a little history lesson.

An adolescent female Tyrannosaurus rex died 68 million years ago, but its bones still contain intact soft tissue, including the oldest preserved proteins ever found, scientists say.
And a comparison of the protein's chemical structure to a slew of other species showed an evolutionary link between T. rex and chickens, bolstering the idea that birds evolved from dinosaurs.
The collagen proteins were found hidden inside the leg bone of the T. rex fossil, according to two studies published in the journal Science. Collagen is the main ingredient of connective tissue in animals and is found in cartilage, ligaments, tendons, hooves, bones and teeth. It yields gelatin and glue when boiled in water.

Whaddya know?   So that last bird you put in your oven.. that last leftover fried chicken you ate - 68 million years ago, would have considered YOU dinner!

Ok, regardless of who's eatin' who, I'm not into eating my friend T-rex anymore, even though that crispy skin is making me rather hungry right now...  *fans self*  But no, no no no... it's a known fact that those chickens you see on the grill, or in your local market (even when they're 'cage free' or free roaming, or anything else 'free' and 'organic' those words that make you think there's no cruelty there)  most of their lil beaks are heat seared off so they don't peck their neighboring chickens either - to death, or give them sores.. can't have sores on a chicken you're about to eat!   Same with 'cage free' eggs.  Unless you know the chicken that laid it - say, maybe Aunt Joan has 4 chickens that are pets and she sells their eggs to local markets, or perhaps she gives you her eggs.. (this is the most cruelty free of all, and if I should ever eat an egg again, I'll know the chickens that laid them, because I'll tour their lil homes and get to know their moms and dads)    But as far as right now, being a vegan, means eggs are not an option for me...  and thus, my favorite breakfast dish (which also would include our friend Ms Piggy
< Yeah there she is in what is MY favorite poster of her!)  Is not an option either.
What is this breakfast I speak of though?  Eggs Benedict!  Naturally!   It is a non-deal for me anymore.   That is, until I realized.. "What the heck?  I can make vegan eggs benedict!!"
The original calls for hollandaise (which is in effect.. butter by the poundful and more egg..)  Then we've got eggs, we've got Canadian bacon.. this is about the most un-vegan, calorie-laden breakfast one could ever come up with, and I'm about to veganize it.. and i'm so very excited!!!

Let's look at some numbers, shall we?

Eggs Benedict: (this is for the whole breakfast - the eggs, the bacon, the sauce, the tomato, spinach, avocado, and english muffin.. so if it all looks a little high, well - this is probably one of those things you can't knock a whole lotta calories out of in general - but there is still a difference!)  These numbers are also based on a split two - meaning two eggs, one whole muffin split in half.

My Eggs Benedict is going to be affectionately called The "Vegan T-Rex Split"  (it just worked for me)
So here we go:  (thank you to the sister for the weight watchers point breakdown)

Traditional Eggs Benedict                         The Vegan T-Rex Split
Calories - 800                                                   699
Fat -       36g                                                     30g
Cholesterol -  470mg                                         0mg
Sodium -   2106mg                                           1051mg
Carbs -    30g                                                    45g
Protien - 35g                                                      31g
Fiber -   2g                                                         6g
WW Points - 16                                                 15   

For Vegan T-Rex Split, I am going to make the english muffins, the hollandaise, the eggs, everything but the veggies (obviously) and the veggie bacon (which is Yves, because it's just easier after making muffins - I COULD make the bacon - I've made a vegan ham before (for Easter this year).. but for this one, I'm going to make it easier on myself.. because I'm the only one I gotta impress with this.   When I make this for someone else someday - we'll talk about making a darn vegan ham again. ;) )

Regardless, I'm ready.  I've got the goods.  After my 4 mile on Sunday - guess who's treating herself to a big ol' fattening breakfast!?!   That's right, you got it.  (In my best Piggy voice)  "MOI"!

I'll fill you in on Sunday folks... and should you try this recipe when you buy my cookbook - Ms. Piggy, Kermit The Frog, Gonzo's chicken girlfriend Camilla, and all of Teddy the T-Rex's buddies from back east will thank you by giving you not only Muppet Show karma, but cruelty free karma as well!  :)

Let me leave you with one last word on the subject:



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