Sunday, September 11, 2011

Of Eggs and Mr. Benedict - or Recipe four - The Vegan T-Rex Split - Brunch/Breakfast

So I started the process of the vegan T-Rex Split yesterday (which was Saturday)  I have been feeling really under the weather lately but I still have to press on.   My Saturday was insane.  I got finished all the stuff I had to get finished, almost got lanblasted by a brown recluse who was just trying to live her life, and treated myself to a home-made seaweed wrap... but in the middle of all of that I made english muffins.
For some reason in my lil brain, I didn't think making of an english muffin was even possible.. but I did it, and wow are they ever easy and yummified!
Just like every other bread I've made during this blog, I had to knead like crazy.   I want you all to see what a bread makers muscles look like:  
a lifetime of kneading bread

Ok, well I lift some too.. but I'm telling you (ignore Pippen there in the background)  kneading has probably given me huge workouts.
I digress.. the birth of a english muffin is an amazing thing.  It starts as dough, then goes into a big puff of dough, then it goes into little balls which pat down into flat little pancake-like pieces which you then throw into a skillet.

The birth of an english muffin

Now keep in mind they're not perfect like the kind you are going to find in the grocery store.. but once these little puffs of love have been sitting in the skillet for their allotted amount of time then let out to cool..  I'm telling you - I don't think I'll ever go back to eat another store bought english muffin ever again.   These are so good..  and made 12 muffins.. I'm going to be eating english muffins for a while... but even so - look at the beautifous muffins that are sitting here on this plate:
hello muffin!

Anyway - now to the whole kit and caboodle.. the vegan t-rex split.. also known as vegan eggs benedict.
Here's how the whole thing took place, this Sunday morning in my kitchen after my four mile.
Shall we?

So, I've completed my four mile.. I've completed my Kundalini practice.  I've EVEN completed my sisters under-eye cream she asked for!   (and laundry and a few other things.. I'm on a role)   I wanted to get this as close to noon as I could make it.. This is calories enough for two meals so skipping lunch or making it 'brunch' is a good idea in my head.    Anyhoo.. I got the ol tofu ready.  (now, this recipe is FILLED with soy, group.  So, if you have an issue at all with soy - you may wanna skip it.)  Otherwise, make sure you get the non GMO stuff.. seriously.  If you are health conscious at all.
Got it ready - the recipe suggest four pieces of the tofu block... which made this kind of a 'big' egg.  Lol, but I did it. Cut them up, and made my 'cheese' sauce which would also be considered the yolk of the 'egg'...  without possible baby chickie ever to be born from it.
The birth of a vegan 'egg'.

So.. the cheese sauce was easy peasy.. and then - wait for it.. I get to use my flavor injector!   My ex wife and I got a flavor injector EONS ago - I guess I assumed I was going to be a flavor injecting fool.  I can only recall using it for vegan hostess cupcakes at the time.. if that.  Maybe I didn't?  I don't know.  All I know was that I was about to get rid of that flavor injector for taking up space back when I was cleaning out my cabinets.   I'm glad I didn't, because it came in handy!  So I injected these raw pieces of tofu, full of "yolk".   Then popped them in the oven!
While they were baking I put together the rest of my sandwich.  Home made english muffin on the bottom, a piece of Ives veggie canadian bacon on each half, followed by a quarter of an avocado, spinach and a tomato.  Then got to work on my hollandaise sauce.  Mmmm.. super duper easy peasy too!   As I waited, I created myself a virgin mimosa to enjoy with my brunch in my trusty EPCOT food and wine festival wine glass from the year 2001 I do believe. (Was a gift.. I've unfortunately never been the the fwf.)   Then - the chicken timer goes off.. my 'eggs' are ready.   I plop those babies down onto their sanwich topper and pour on the hollandaise... mmmmmm... I'm ready for this, I just 4 miled off a bunch of calories for this - BRING IT ON!
It's hard to get a pic of yourself with food.

Ok, so gimme a break.. I had time to do everything but make myself look like Donna Reed to pose for a picture.. be lucky I'm making my un-makeuped self available to the general public, and most of you know me!  Only a few of you have seen me w/o makeup and my hair just so!  Anyway - I digress.  It was yummy.  If I had to do it all over again though I'd slice the tofu much thinner.. it looks like I'm about to enjoy a big mac or something with those big ol' squares sitting atop all of that other magic!
Well though - since I cooked for myself this time.. did I like it?  Would I suggest it to you my dear friends?
Does the empty rooster plate ever lie??
So, now that this week is done - as I sit here and watch another weekend go by and it's barely even noon.   I'm enjoying blogging about this in my skychair on my deck.  It's gorgeous outside.  I'm sure something will come my way today to do.  I have no other plans.  I may sit here for a while.   Next week I'll be making a vegan cheesecake with a peanut butter crust for my sister - as we'll be celebrating her 39th on Monday (she's really a Sept. 22 baby, but since we get together to run on Mondays she's getting it then!)  She suggested a 'cheesecake' so that is what she's getting.  :)
Til next week everyone.  Be kind to yourselves and others.

Music Enjoyed while cooking and writing this blog.

Enigma - Mea Culpa -

Gerd - Seduce Me -

Delerium - Silence - Michael Woods Remix -

Schiller Night Flight -

Goldfrapp - Fly Me Away <3 -

Northern State - Better Already -

The Cardigans - My Favourite Game -

Dragonette - Gold Rush -

Solace and Fury - The Vampire -

Katzenjammer - Play My Darling, Play -

Lisa Gerrard - Ancestors -

The Verve - Beautiful Mind -

Cocteau Twins - Pandora (Yes I sung every uncomprehensible word too as I was working) -

Perfume Tree - Blue Stars -

This Mortal Coil - Song to The Siren (another of my Liz Frasier Faves!) -

Tarja Turenen - Oasis -

Enya - How Can I Keep From Singing? -

Loreena McKennitt - Skellig -

Helen Jane Long - Porcelain -

Current Craving - OMG nothing I am FULL of T-Rex Split!!

Current Motivation - A beautiful day - and no I didn't forget - It's 9-11.   I had a peace prayer for today in my Kundalini Practice.  <3

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