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1972 - Pop Sistery... aka the beginning of the end of 30, or Pop goes your 30's Vegan Cheesecake!

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And now, onto the story:

Since the "Dawn" of recorded time....  eh, no.   Since before the wheel....  er, not really.   Since the Fuqua clan isn't scared of bears....  that's better.  :)   This picture shows what a weird group we really are.    That's the brother there on the left.. there's me in themiddle, scratching my head in confusion (which isn't surprising really) then there's my sister, about to get swiped by a really big bear and she seems pretty 'ok' with that. %-)
So, this post is a little about my sister, but more about the cheesecake.   Let's go back shall we?
September 22, 1972: 
  • Ferdinand Marcos, the President of the Philippines, appeared on television to announce that he had proclaimed martial law under Proclamation No. 1081. The pretext was the attempted assassination of Defense Secretary Juan Ponce Enrile, but the proclamation had been signed the day before. Enrile's driver was killed during the staged attack.
  • Hexachlorophene, an anti-bacterial compound that had been a popular additive in skin cleansers, cosmetics, deodorants, toothpastes and baby powder, was banned by the Food and Drug Administration except for prescription use. FDA studies had concluded that HCP caused brain damage in infants, and ordered immediate removal of baby powder with more than 0.75% HCP, and directed that cleansers with 3% concentration could be sold only by prescription.
  • Willy Brandt called for a vote of confidence in his government, one he expected to lose, as a pretext for new parliamentary elections.
  • Born: Bob Sapp, American kickboxer, pro wrestler, football player, in Colorado Springs.. and Vicki Fuqua-Goforth, my big sister, who'll ALWAYS be older than me!!  :)
  • Cheesecake is believed to have originated in ancient Greece - cheesecake debuted during the first Olympic Games held 776 BC (maybe September 22 of 776 BC!) being served to the athletes.
    So.. my sister and I share a sick obsession.   Disney World.  (Ok it's not sick to us, but to many it could be.  It could be a cult!)   It's not that we fall over and cry when we meet Mickey Mouse (Like she might have if she'd ever have met Michael Jackson) but there's this little bit of flutter butter we get when one of us utters the words... "So, I think we can go to Disney this year if...."  
    We grew up there!   
    Who loves ya,  Minnie Mouse?
    We have every right to be a lil obsessed.   So when my sister brought up a while back that I should try veganizing cheesecake, I thought her birthday would be the perfect time... not only that, I thought - eh, cheesecake is EASY.. what if I make it a little more difficult?  Well she helped a bit on that with the peanut butter suggestion for the crust.   So, in honor of the sister's 39th birthday and Disney World - I'm going to be presenting her with a
    (wait for it.. wait for it!!)

    "Pop goes your 30's" vegan cheesecake!

    This is a small take on Disney's Pop Century Resort's tye dyed cheesecake, only difference is, instead of the red velvet crust, it's going to have a peanut butter crust.  :)   Suggestion of the sister.. however she did NOT know I was going to tye dye it.. and I hope it turns out right!   I've never tye dyed anything in my life.  (Well maybe a shirt or two in grade school). 
    So, let's look at some numbers for this fantastical find, shall we?

    DPC Tye Dyed CC                       Pop Goes Your 30's VCC

    1/8 of a pie                                                  1/8 of a pie
    Calories - 429                                                   300
    Fat -       31g                                                     15g
    Cholesterol - 150mg                                         0mg
    Sodium -   242mg                                            350mg
    Carbs -    28g                                                    16g
    Protien - 8g                                                        7g
    Fiber -   0g                                                         1g
    WW Points -  12                                                  6                                              

    This should make the sister pretty happy - even with the peanut butter crust, it's still nearly half the calories as the Pop Century cake!   So, the next time we go to POP (which might be a while considering we plan to stay in the new fandangled right across the street - Art of Animation resort {I think} when we go run the Princess half marathon in 2013)  we can go stick our tongues out at them while our svelte little bodies run by having eaten the vegan version of the thing instead of their full fat - unvegan version (which I've had, it's not bad!)..
    And to prove it - there we go (mind you this is VickiBelle and Sheripunzel - but you get the idea)
    "Oh yeah Pop Century? Eat this!"
    So it's time.. It's time to veganize this thing.   Starting tomorrow evening, most likely (because I've been feeling deathly ill) I'll be mixing, measuring, and all that good stuff to make this cheesecake 'un' cheesy but taste just as good.  Sunday I'll end up with rainbow colored hands from messing around in the food color, but who cares? Monday it's down the hatch with the parents for my sister's birthday.   
    Until we meet again for this thing to get started...  remember, "dreams do come true"  and "your only as old as you feel"
    Oh and bibbidi bobbidi boo - you can change to healthier eating too!  ;)

    Music enjoyed while writing this blog:
    The whole freakin' Disney's Magical Express bus ride to WDW.
    (No I'm not on the ME.. I wish, but nope - I'm listening to it on Subsonic!)

    Current Craving - Dang Chiptole again!

    Current Motivation - My old sister. (hehehe)

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