Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pop Goes Your 30's Vegan Cheesecake - Dessert - Recipe 5 - RUINED

This was definitely a live/learn situation.  OMG.   So I really did something stupid.  When researching leavenings I came across using baking soda and water - easy enough I had both.   DON'T DO THIS WHEN YOU'RE GOING TO BAKE SOMETHING SWEET!   WTH Was I thinking??  Ugh.  So, I started adding other stuff to offset the saltyness of the baking soda.  I didn't do very well assuming.  

As far as the crust - nothing could be easier.  I set out Friday night to make the peanut butter crust.  Found some healthy graham crackers and took out a little bit of frustration on them and smashed them up with a hammer in their bag.  Pretty fun if you ask me.  :) Mixed them with pb and agave and baked it. 
Baked PB Crust

So, my oldest has been following me around all day.  I started feeding him raw chicken, he liked it the first day - he's not so great about it anymore.  I guess instead of daily it needs to be an E/O day treat.   You might think - oh a vegan ripping up raw chicken for her cat.. um, ew!   It's ok though. I'm absolutely ok with the fact that my kids are wild animals at heart and that I really should provide for them what they might eat in the wild.  (Maybe that's why I like lions?  I treat my pride like a good lioness would.)  :)

Anyway, back to this mess.  I got the batter to the point where I just couldn't fix it anymore and then started to whip it out into my Ikea bowls - of which told me what color was what.
Thanks Ikea!

I'm fully aware that my tye dyeing of cheesecake abilities are not as great as those abilities of the Disney food cast members.... but maybe when we cut into it, it'll be alot more interesting.  It's going to be something.   It's either going to be a resounding "YUCK INTO THE GARBAGE"  or "Hey it's not bad" or "YUM!" But which one, gentle readers?  Which one is it going to be?!?!

It's going to be NADA because as of this writing I've RUINED the cheesecake.  :(
Must go cry now.

See - everyone fails sometimes.

Music Enjoyed while destroying my sisters cheesecake:

Enya - Less Than A Pearl -

Deva Premal - Aad Guray -

A.R Rahman - Latika's Theme -

Jennifer thomas - The Red Aspens -

York - Iceflowers -

Azam Ali - Spring Arrives -

Delerium - Terra Firma-

A Flock Of Seagulls - I ran -

The Cure - Push -

The Church - Under The Milky Way -

FC Kahuna - Hayling  -

Goldfrapp - Number 1 -

Ada - Maps -

Current Motivation - Tears :(

Current Craving - Cake.

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