Monday, September 19, 2011

Veganized Paula Deen Peanut Butter Cake - as a replacement for Pop Goes Your 30's Tye Dyed Cheesecake

Wow - what a Monday!  I'm glad I have a fun group of blood relatives.. they make me laugh pretty hard so my wild Monday ended on a pretty good note.  :)  As far as the vegan blog - I had to make some changes in my last recipe (ok well more than SOME).. and as such, it starts here.

So - I goofed.  If you read the last post, you'll see that.  In return, I knew I had to come thru for the sister.. So, with tears in my "oh my I've failed" eyes, I searched a load of recipes for peanut butter and found a Paula Deen Peanut Butter Cake recipe.. with a chocolate topping.   I'd wager this is going to taste alot like a Reesy cup.  I'm excited.  It's turned out. It's cooling.   This is a big deal for me - cakes (outside of a box) hardly ever turn out for me.. so yay!

And, there's certainly nothing like the smell of burnt cheesecake boiling up in your oven, either.

Regardless... I guess I'd better do the numbers on this thing.  Lemme give it a name:
The Peanut Butter - GoForth Rebake Cake.  ;)

Paula Deen's PB Cake                        PB GoForth Cake

1/8 of a cake                                                1/8 of a cake

Calories -    822                                                     279
Fat -       49g                                                         15g
Cholesterol - 158mg                                           0mg
Sodium -   771mg                                                269mg
Carbs -    88g                                                       35g
Protien 14g                                                           7g
Fiber -   2.8g                                                         4g
WW Points - 23                                                    8

So, there it is.  HUMUNGA COWABUNGA - this is why we don't eat Paula Deen's version which is filled with shortening, butter. and of course just everything you'd expect to be bad, y'all.   She's the queen of a pound of butter sitting on your plate ready to eat. Ok Ya'll?  Lol.

Goofy and the birthday girl.
So, was the sister happy with this redux?  It wasn't tye dyed cheesecake, which would have been really cool had it turned out.. but still.  She said yum, a couple of times.  Mom said it was 'really rich' and Megan tried it with the beautifully closed mind she has. ;)  I think the redux was a hit though - I liked it, and I don't really even like peanut butter... and at least we didn't start a fire having to RE-light the candles because the first time we didn't sing to my sister and Megan almost had a coronary because of it.  :P

I'm not even going to add this to my recipe book...  (unless you think I should?)

Next week - "Chicken" Pot Pies.   I even have the cutest little crocks to bake them in.  I figured I'd better do them singularly since MOST pot pies have peas in them - but I'm getting grief from the sister since she's a pea hater, so one will not have peas in it.   then, then there's the salted caramel that Nadia G showed me how to make. omg
look at how hot she is for a moment please:  
Tough and beautiful.  This is why you date a woman, people.  :)  and her kitchen - I'd minus out the dead dolls.. but she's got my stove and fridge!  (the ones I've wanted for years)! Although i'm sure our relationship would be cut short the first time I started pilfering for something to wear in her closet.. she seems like she'd be protective of her clothes.  :P

OK anyhow.
It's off to the sleep wizard.. I've been having some weird dreams.. I guess I'd better continue that trend.   Til later, folks.

Music enjoyed while writing this blog.

Subsonic Radio 96k.  What else?  I had to push Disney in somehow!

Current Craving - Sleep

Current Motivation- Making my big sissy happy.  :)

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