Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The best jumbles keep everyone confused.

Good jumbled June everyone!   In the marriage of all things 'different' we're going to end our jumbled June with something just creepy to me...   (curious?)
We're going to un-creepize it.

Just like we're trying to un-creepize America, one step at a time!

Pigs flew today and congrats to all of my brothers and sisters out there!   DOMA has been overturned, and love wins!  One day when I'm old and grey I can get married and enjoy all the benefits my straight brothers and sisters have!

Speaking of pigs...
Surely I've bashed you over the head enough of why you shouldn't eat them.   We're going to talk a little about sausage though - can I gross you out a bit?

"Sausage making is a logical outcome of efficient butchery. Traditionally, sausage makers would salt various tissues and organs such as scraps, organ meats, blood, and fat to help preserve them. They would then stuff them into tubular casings made from the cleaned intestines of the animal, producing the characteristic cylindrical shape. Hence, sausages, puddings, and salami are among the oldest of prepared foods, whether cooked and eaten immediately or dried to varying degrees.

Early humans made the first sausages by stuffing roasted intestines into stomachs. The Greek poet Homer mentioned a kind of blood sausage in the Odyssey, Epicharmus wrote a comedy titled The Sausage, and Aristophanes' play The Knights is about a sausage-vendor who is elected leader. Evidence suggests that sausages were already popular both among the ancient Greeks and Romans, and most likely with the various tribes occupying the larger part of Europe.
German Wurst: liver sausage, blood sausage, and ham sausage

The most famous sausage in ancient Italy was from Lucania (modern Basilicata) and was called lucanica, a name which lives on in a variety of modern sausages in the Mediterranean. During the reign of the Roman emperor Nero, sausages were associated with the Lupercalia festival. Early in the 10th century during the Byzantine Empire, Leo VI the Wise outlawed the production of blood sausages following cases of food poisoning."

Ew gross.

Couple that with this:
"Eggs are laid by females of many different species, including birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish, and have been eaten by mankind for thousands of years.[1] Bird and reptile eggs consist of a protective eggshell, albumen (egg white), and vitellus (egg yolk), contained within various thin membranes. Popular choices for egg consumption are chicken, duck, quail, roe, and caviar, but the egg most often consumed by humans is the chicken egg, by a wide margin"
(which is esentially a chicken period)

And what do you get?
The worlds yuckiest sounding coupling (in my book) of all...

Let's de-yuck it..

Scotch Eggs.

Numbers, please!?

Scotch Egg                                               Equality  Vegg
Calories  - 286                                                  110
Total Fat  - 18                                                     4
Cholesterol - 68                                                  0
Sodium - 685                                                    150
Total Carbs - 15                                                 6
Fiber -2                                                              2
Protein - 11                                                        4
WW Pts -  7                                                       2

So, this weekend is going to be superduper busy for me, but I will be able to get half of this recipe done one day, and hopefully half later in the weekend.  All things considered, an equality vegg will be tasted and will go down (for me) as the most jumbled up concoction of animal products that I've ever seen..

I guess, as long as it tastes good.   


See you soon!

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