Monday, June 24, 2013

Recipe 91 - "Fish" tacos.

For starters, I put this dang thing off for 2 days.  Maybe it was psychosematic?  This is all about trying new foods as well as veganizing old favorites.. that and, if I can't veganize something mainstream, maybe I've failed myself?

As I said once before - the thought of fish tacos leaves me asking for something else for dinner, but I gave this jumble the ol' college try.  (What's that mean, exactly?  The ol' college try?)

So, as a whole, this recipe didn't take much.  It was the perfect time to try my new 'vegan' fish filets  - which were kind of strange amongst themselves (even came with their own odd seaweedy scales, which was just as hard to cut through as real salmon scales).  

I was to make a 'slaw' first.   This confused me.   Why do I want to put cabbage in my taco?   (Don't answer that, this recipe wording could go into the gutter faster than I could say "POP".)    Regardless, I was putting cabbage in my taco.. (sthu).   I think this might have been the one ingredient for me that made me not care to ever make these again, but I digress.. they wanted it raw, so, that's what I did.   Raw 'slaw'... (ooh that rhymes).

After that, it was time to prep the 'fish'.   The recipe asked me to rub the jalepeno (here we go again) in the oil - so that's what I did.. then it asked me to cook it in there for a while.

As that was going, I warmed my tortillas and prepped my 'fish'.   What odd little fliets they were.. I can't wait to try them out of a taco!  (stop.. just stop).   I baked them in the pan for the suggested time you would bake a tilapia (the recipe I was using was utilizing tilapia)

So super simple, when all that was said and done I had to slice them into strips... which, wouldn't have been such a great distressing deal if there wasn't this weird seaweed wanna be scales on them.  That crap is hard to cut through!  I almost thought I might be cutting through real fish! 

I prepped my tortilla, added some extra 'sour cream' and mooshed this baby togehter.

I was hungry... VERY hungry,  (this could also have been a reason I am not sure I'll ever make it again - I tend to overdo it when I devour).   This is what happens when you don't eat all day because you're kinda stuck.    I was stuck w/o electric, and up in a room for quite some time yesterday.. don't ask.  It has nothing to do with fish and/or tacos though.

I devoured these.. disliking the bitter cabbage each bite of the way, but it was so prominent I couldn't just take it out.
They were good.. I might make them again, but I would change the ingredients.  I've never been a super lover of hot peppers so I might change those to bell.. and OMG NO CABBAGE!

All in all I imagine that they tasted much like a regular fish taco.  The fish tasted fishy enough hidden in all that sour cream and lime..
I'm pleased
I'm even more pleased that today I have four front room windows, and an undamaged car.. but we'll not discuss that in this blog.

Jumbled June is on the wind down, and have I got something totally bizarro for you to close it out.  I saw it on a tv show not long ago.. I thought  "well this has to be veganized".

Stay tuned - you don't want to miss the weirdness of the very last June veganization of RoVL, ever!

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