Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Recipe 91 is pretty, maybe.

Happy late jumbled June, people.

It's late this evening, so I'm going to ramble.. you'll probably end up wanting to have me committed, but you see - I don't care, I'm doing you a public service tonight...
Talking about something very odd that might affect you later on if you continue to eat the worlds animals.

There's a bizarre jumble of food out there, that I'm almost positive if you were to Google it, you might blush.  But, before I get to that, I want to talk a little about Mermaids.

(It's not that late, is it?)

Yes, I know, I know... you're going to tell me mermaids aren't real.  Just like Unicorns, Dragons, Jesus and Sheldon Cooper.   But bear with me.

Would you eat a mermaid!?   Y'know, she's part human, part fish.  People eat fish.. why wouldn't they eat a mermaid?

Ok, well now we're getting into cannibalism.   And before you stop me.. why, if you're eating meat of any living thing, do you think cannibalism is wrong?
So your victim is human?  It's so wrong to torture a human like we torture the animals we eat?

OOhh.. is it because humans feel pain and fear?   What is it?
Are we white meat or red meat?  (Just curious).

Animals feel pain and fear, people.. just like you and I.  Let's not forget that when we're going on and on about how gross it is to eat people.   Who knows?  Maybe we taste like chicken too?   Just like being a vegan.. don't put it down unless you know for a fact.

Ok - so why the mermaid?
If you're sticking with me at this point and haven't called the white coats in to rescue me from myself, then I'll tell you...

This lady-fish is about to show us how ridiculous this next jumble is.

Seriously now...

Fish Tacos?
Ok, personally I've always thought this sounded ridiculously gross, but as I said above - don't put it down unless you know for a fact.   So - I'm about to factualizingly veganize this bizarre duo and see for myself.

So lets take the maid out of the mer...

What are the numbers on this?

Fish Tacos                                          Mermaid Munchies
                                    (You all know I'm a big ol lesbo - I had to do it)
Calories  - 336                                                 145
Total Fat  - 13                                                     4
Cholesterol - 59                                                  0
Sodium - 522                                                    225
Total Carbs - 30                                                 12
Fiber - 5                                                            2.3
Protein - 28                                                       12
WW Pts -  9                                                        3

And remember folks.. fish feel pain too!   In fact, I read something just the other day that if you're catch/releasing a fish (not only are you hurting them with the hook if you're using a hook with your bait - and don't forget your bait is live too!) but catch/release fish have been studied and usually die within 6 days after release.   Why?  Stress and they probably bleed to death.   How would you like someone to stab you, then throw you back to wherever you came from with no medical assistance?

Not funny.

But this sure is!

It's so totally time for bed.   I'll concoct these weird things this weekend!

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