Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Veganizing the streets of Paris in 1910.

Viva la France!

I'm glad you made it to the City of Lights with me!   Here we are in Paris  scouring the streets for fresh food to veganize..  this may be difficult to find in the year 1910!  (You didn't know you were traveling backwards now, did you?!)

Let's travel backwards for a moment in the very recent past and look at this sweet face.   That is the face of a cow born to a dairy cow.   We all know what dairy is.. and surely after all the items I've written regarding the dairy industry we know what horrors ensue there.
I EMPLORE you.. educate yourself on the horrors of the dairy industry.

You may think you 'need' cheese, milk, yogurt, ice cream, etc.  But I've shown and PROVEN to many of you already that you do not.
Please don't allow this to continue for these poor cows.. 

*Runs to a french countryside and frees many cows in my lace up vegan granny boots*

So, why again are we looking at dairy cows?

Well, we're hanging here outside of a Parisian Cafe'  dressed a lil something like this:

That's me on the left and you on the right.

And we want to order something fast because you know we have shopping to do.

So, you and I in all our vegan glory go into this cafe' and ask for Croque-Monsieur - because it's a fairly new dish and it sounds good.

"A croque-monsieur is a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. It originated in French cafés and bars as a quick snack. Typically, Emmental or Gruyère cheese is used and topped with a cheesy mornay sauce.
The name is based on the verb croquer ("to crunch") and the word monsieur ("mister"). The sandwich's first recorded appearance on a Parisian café menu was in 1910."

When we ask if it can be made vegan: NO cows and  no piggies will be harmed in the making of this sandwich, etc.. HELLO!?- the waiter sends us away.
(For shame, he didn't even offer us a glass of vegan organic wine!?)

No matter - you and I, will go back to my house and make one (drizzled with vegan mornay sauce, just because we're fancy ladies), just after we stop at Le Bon Marche' for something pretty.

What will our numbers be?

Croque Monsieur w/mornay          Vegan Croque Monsieur w/mornay

Calories  - 860                                                      320
Total Fat  - 35                                                         8
Cholesterol - 225                                                    0
Sodium - 2400                                                       494
Total Carbs - 77                                                     25
Fiber -4                                                                   6
Protein - 60                                                            11
WW Pts -  23                                                          5

Well now!  Clearly we know if we want to fit in those new fabulous vegan French fashions which sandwich we'll pick.

So, come on back to my Chateau with me where we can sip champagne and enjoy a very french, very vegan sandwich with no guilt, no pain, no violence ensued.

Be there - I live about a mile from the Champs Elysees.. follow the smell of vegan food this weekend. ;)

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