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Recipe Set 62 - Victoria's Vegan Thanksgiving Feast!

So here it is, my last plea...  SAVE A TURKEY!!!  (Because very soon I'm going to ask you to save a pigs and ducks.)

This is the week of Thanksgiving.  I know, for some of you that means you'll sit down with your family and carve a turkey.
Trust me, I understand, don't make me for a person who's never consumed turkey flesh.  I used to do that very thing. However, I wised up.  You may think that I'm being rude when I say that, but a little thought of what this bird goes through, people, and you want to sit and give thanks for you life, which is great.  But what about theirs?

Turkeys are horribly mutilated before they are shipped to farms - the first digits of their toes and portions of their beak are cut off. This is done without pain relief.   They're drugged; forced to grow at rapid rates, their legs give out under their weight causing all kinds of problems (Imagine having to walk like that unassisted?)   And this is the way to thank our birds for their bodies? It's not like hunting, where the bird automatically dies.  No, most of your turkeys are coming from factory farms.   If you've bought it in a grocery store.. it's been abused, misused and you may not even realize the horror it's been put through.
I may not change your mind now, I may never change your mind.. but at least think about it before you eat it.  I'm a believer in the soul.  What's in the soul of that turkey, the pain it felt, the fright it went through, the feelings it had.. you're eating that negativity. :( One word.. DON'T! Because you don't HAVE to!

Lighten your mind.
Lighten your load.
You have no excuses, I've shared over a zillion yummy ways to eat compassionately - for EVERYONE.

And here's another set for you to love!

Recipe Grouping 62 - Victoria's Thanksgiving Feast
Beautiful Vicki

Now, let's start this thing!

Victoria's vegan Thanksgiving feast will consist of the following:
A salad (thanks to my mother) with a balsalmic dressing
Victoria's butternut squash soup with 'turkey meatballs'
Bluebirds Of Love Birdseed Rolls
Skip and Thyme's mashed potatoes and vegan gravy
Victoria's baked stuffing
Various veggies (again, thanks mom)
A field roast
Princess Aleesa's pumpkin pie

If you follow the links you'll find nutrition info on those items with underlines as they're past recipes already enjoyed and will be loved again, save for the celebration roast of which is a newbie for me and I'm excited to try.
Obviously a salad and veggies are what you make of them!

But let's do the math on the following:
Victorias Butternut Squash Soup
Skip and Thumes Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
and Victoria's baked stuffing

Victorias Soup

Un-Vegan                                   Vegan
Calories - 327                              200
Total Fat -  16                                3
Cholesterol - 185                            0
Sodium -   415                               234
Total Carbs - 21                             11 
Fiber - 3                                         4
Protein -  4                                     4                                
WW Pts -  7                                   2                         

Skip and Thyme's Mashed Potatoes With "Turkey" Gravy

Un-Vegan                                   Vegan
Calories -  355                              198
Total Fat -  14.5                              4
Cholesterol -  79.8                           0
Sodium -  495                                 235
Total Carbs -   27.8                          18.5
Fiber -  2.9                                       2.0
Protein - 27.5                                   12.3                                 
WW Pts -  9                                      4

Victoria's Baked Stuffing

Un-Vegan                                   Vegan
Calories -  177                                135
Total Fat -  9                                    4
Cholesterol -   18                              0
Sodium - 543                                   342 
Total Carbs -  22                               20
Fiber -  3                                           2
Protein - 3                                         3                                 
WW Pts - 5                                       3

To get the words out once again - SAVE A TURKEY
And the other words                          

I promise you that you will not be sorry...

I've been taking a break from baking to bring you this blog.  It's beginning to smell good up in here.  And as I sit here - assuming I should be hitting the hay early tonight amongst other things...(I'm doing the Thanksgiving day 10k race in the morning) I'm so thankful for so so much.
I'm thankful for you.
I'm thankful for the animals
My home, my family, my girl, my co-workers, my friends, my job, my kiddie cats and even my car that still manages to work!

As I always say - peace and love.
Do you know how you get that attitude?


Thank you for listening!
Have a beautiful love-filled holiday!

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