Friday, November 25, 2011

Recipe Set 15. Princess Aleesa's Pumpkin Pie & Blue Birds Of Love Birdseed Rolls

Happy Holiday Season, friends!  We're finally in it!  Just wait to see what I've got cookin' for this next month.   It sounds like it's going to be swEEt. ;)

So, I'm sitting here - injured.  I need to stop doing these races.  It seems something happens to me each time.  This time, my foot is messed up.  I sit here alternating cold and hot.. it HURTS.. I hobble to get myself food or just to get up because I hate sitting here doing nothing.  I wish I had someone to take care of me.  Oh sigh.  Or- maybe some really heavy drugs.
Aside from that, let's discuss what I brought for the family Thanksgiving day dinner.   This one was a bit different.. kinda quiet.  But we did have two visitors that we've never had before.. who I think both tried my green bean casserole from Sunday.  ;)
As far as what I made this time.. the pumpkin pie and rolls.. it was mom, myself and my sister.. my mom even told me that my pie rivaled my grandma's.  That's a HUGE compliment. :)

Lets' start with the pie.   Remember Aleesa?   Well there's one last look at her before she
became a delicious pie.  :)

She was alot easier to cut open than Clyde was.  It could be because I pulled Clyde out from the stair step outside, so he was cold.   Aleesa has been in a warm house for a month so that might be what made her a bit easier.. but I cut into her.. and she smelled so lovely.   I split her in two and started baking her skin up so that it would be just the right softness to scoop her her out..
She actually took a very long time to bake.  I only had to bake Clyde for about 45 minutes.  Aleesa took an hour and a half.. but I do believe she was worth every minute of it.  You'll see her picture as a pie, up at the very top of this page.  Half of her still sits in my fridge right now, while the other half is ALMOST finished being devoured (and I think I'm going to have a piece after I finish blogging.. gee it'd be nice not to have to hobble into my kitchen..  NURSE?)
I'd decided pretty much at the last minute that I was going to make this pie, crustless.. so that made it a little more challenging, but I think I did pretty good.  It was yummy, custardy and spicy all at the same time.  The best thing?  I've never been able to make a pumpkin pie w/o tofu before and make it creamy like this.. but this one - COMPLETELY soy free. (Pats myself on the back).   This was an awesome pie.  Maybe it's because Aleesa was loved, and her pie was made with love.  You should be jealous if you didn't get any. MmmMm.

So, on the waiting side, I was also making bread to make into rolls.
These were 'birdseed' rolls.. because I used alot of seed and grain for them.  They turned out absolutely yummy.  I just had another one for dinner tonight.   Left half of them with my mom as well.  If you're patient, these are well worth kneading and letting rise, and kneading and letting rise again.  I had time, working most of the day on Wednesday - to allow these things to go on their own.  I think I started baking (pie and rolls) at 10 am and finished by 2:30.  It was nice to have the oven on during the day. 

Ok, well right now I'm feeling pretty boring so this blog post isn't funny or interesting.  I'm tired, I'm achy, I'm a lil sad.. and I just feel like laying down now.  Hopefully I'll get my spark back for the next post.   Because what I've got coming up next is just about one of the most fun recipes I think I'll ever plan on trying!  :)
I'm off to watch this blockhead on TV.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I would post a picture of my sister and I at the run yesterday but all I have is a pic of the neiceage's math teacher, a pic of my moms face and a pic of Miranda's face...  and since that's about as talented as my neice got with the camera yesterday - I'll spare you.

Til next week all.  

Enjoy your weekend!

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