Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A fairy tale ending.. come true! Aka - Princess Aleesa becomes a pie.

How many of us will ever forget the moment the fairy godmother in Cinderella turned Cindy into a princess and her animals into coachmen and her pumpkin into a coach??

NOBODY - I hope!

If you're a Disney obsessed, crazy, maniacal weirdo like I admit I am, you won't anyway.

Well, regardless... what does this have to do with food?    Oh lots!   For the past month you've been hearing me talk about my pumpkin, "Princess Aleesa".   She's a fairytale pumpkin.   She tried to straighten up Clyde, she hung out with a recluse for a while.. and now she's perched atop a table in my house, looking beautiful as ever.  But I know that someday Aleesa will rot.. so I wanted to do something FABULOUS with her, and what, praytel, is more fabulous than a pumpkin pie??  (Especially for Thanksgiving dinner)

--NOTHING! --  unless you want to talk about the 'bluebirds of love -bird seed' rolls I'm making too.    But we'll get to that.

It's going to hurt my heart a bit to cut into Aleesa, but I have had experience with Clyde and I do believe I know what I'm doing.    I'm planning to make a pie-crust from scratch, and mom bought me a beautiful new glass pie plate to place this pie in.  I'm about certain that I'll have plenty of pumpkin left over.. of which I may make another pie with and freeze it.   OR - maybe I'll see how she tastes in pumpkin muffins?   Either way.. my thought is set.   I have everything I need waiting for me; I plan to work on Aleesa tomorrow afternoon (yes, while I'm doing work/work, watching The Bold and The Beautiful, AND doing laundry)  I'm so talented.   I also have to do a sport specific kundalini at some point tomorrow.  My sister and I will be doing the Thanksgiving Day Race - which takes place downtown.  It's a 10k.  We'll need to be on the ball.

So, to add on to the fairy tale theme... what will I be doing while Aleesa is baking into a gorgeous pie?  Making Blue Birds of love - birdseed rolls for our Thanksgiving dinner.   (Yeah you're all - wtheck?)
oh we'll make a lovely dress for Cinderelly!

Remember those lovebirds from Cinderella?  How can you forget?  They perched on her hand, sung with her.. heck, they helped Gus and Jack make a dress for her to wear to the ball (Of which Anastasia and Drizella promptly ripped off of her later).  Regardless, I knew mom would make some sort of white based roll with egg and butter in it for Thanksgiving.. so instead - I'm going to charm the socks off of everyone with my bird-seed rolls.   Millet, sunflower, a few other seedly grains.. will make my rolls sure-fire hits.  I'm certainly excited.

So - lets look at the numbers of all this, shall we?

Regular Pumpkin Pie                                    Princess Aleesa's Pumpkin Pie
Calories - 323                                                     170                                           
Fat - 14.6g                                                           5                                       
Cholesterol -31mg                                                0                                                 
Sodium  -434mg                                                 191                                      
Carbs   - 42g                                                       27                                     
Fiber - 4.2g                                                         1
Protien - 6g                                                         3.7                                                      
WW Pts    7                                                          4

Regular Dinner Rolls                                       Blue-Birds Of Love Birdseed Rolls
Calories - 140                                                                             85
Fat - 2                                                                                          1
Cholesterol - 4                                                                              0
Sodium - 270                                                                              200
Carbs - 27                                                                                    15
Fiber - 3                                                                                        4
Protien - 5                                                                                     7
WW Pts - 2                                                                                    1

Ok then.. I don't have a whole lot of time to get this show on the road.. so let's sing a little song shall we, while we get this ready?  About dreams and wishes coming true?!   I sure have a couple I'd like to have come true soon. 

No matter how your heart is grieving...  if you keep on believing.....

That's what I look like when I get up in the morning.  ;)

Music enjoyed while writing this blog:  
Subsonic Radio - 96K (DISNEY MUSIC)

Current Motivation - Fairytales

Current Craving - For a dream that I wish, to come true.

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