Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving that's not Thanksgiving, but we're thankful anyway - AKA Payton's Grab and Go - Recipes 14

T-B. Mac and Teese, Green Bean Casserole & Pumpkin Brownies.

I'm waiting on my squash to finish in the oven so that I can 'stuff it' as they say.  :P
It's Saturday night.  I'm at home cooking to my heart's content so as I can finish the meal I'm making for (pretty much myself) for a Thanksgiving type get-together of one side of the family dinner tomorrow in Illinois.    Last night I holed up in here and made vegan green bean casserole and pumpkin brownies.   Let's visit those, shall we?

I had to improvise on a few things for the green bean casserole.  For instance,

french fried onions for the top. I refused to buy those things in a can.. REFUSE.  So, I fried some onions myself.  I think I did good.  :)   I also was short 'mushroom soup'  but no biggie.. I had mushrooms, I had vegan 'cream' and I had broth.. make do I did.   And my mix was yummy.   I used green beans from a local farm that mom and I froze earlier in the year.. so this stuff is pretty fresh from everything.    I think it looks good, and there's enough to share.  This is going to rival my cousin Shelly's un-vegan green bean casserole she plans to bring.  We'll see if mine gets a couple bites.. I think my mom will try it.  Mmm.  I can't wait.

Then we move on to my pumpkin brownies.   These were fairly easy - but wow the chocolalte 'crust' is really rich!   I've never put together a brownie like this.  It's a layer.  Chocolate at the bottom then pumpkin at the top.  The recipe I veganized it from called for walnuts to top it (eew.)  I chose chocolate chips instead.  mmm.  This is another 'share' I made.  But as I said in my last blog.  If there's plenty left over.. this will be my dinner on the way home tomorrow night.  Lol.. the batter was delicioso.

So tonight I'm working on Mac and Teese and Stuffed carnival squash.  So, let's visit those, shall we?

Mac and teese is something I make quite often.. usually i'm so hungry though that I

don't take the time to bake it like I did this group.  I love baked mac and cheese so baked mac and teese is just the ticket for this.  I used two different types of vegan cheeses.  "Teese" which is just better than awesome, and cheddar Daiya for the topping crusty stuff.. along with some paprika and parsley for color.   This is a single serve just for me.  Why? Because I myself, do not know many carny's that are anywhere brave enough to try a vegan mac and cheese.. most of it has that dreaded 'nutritional yeast' word in it.. and if it's 'nutritional' it must not be good.   That's ok...more for me.  It made two crocks..enough for me to have one at the parents house on Thursday.. so I'm happy.  :)

Then, the last bit of goodness here - my stuffed squash.   I know, I know the presentation isn't all that great because lil mr squash was falling apart so I had to put him in his to-go container to fill him.  The stuffing is a mix of wild rices, ezekiel bread, onions, mushrooms and cranberries.  I had a bite of it and it was very flavorful and yummy.   I guess I'll have to get a shot of everything on my plate tomorrow for it to look like something straight off a real food-blog.  Lol.   But for now, it's spa night time.  Time for my chocolate masque, my mani-pedi and my deep hair conditioning treatment... then bed.  I have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow.

I'll be back with the final set up - and probably some goofy family pictures.   So - until I get back to this blog.. I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend!

So, yesterday was such a blur I couldn't keep track.   We drove, hung out for shorter of a time than we drove, and drove back.   My camera sat in a bag on top of my cousin Peggy's washer and I of course didn't get any pictures.  I suck. :P   I did make a conglomerate.. so I posted it at the top.
I finished the mac and teese tonight.. left over alot of squash that I was just too full to finish, and the brownies were good - but really thin.  It's ok though, they tasted good.

I'm really not in the mood to blog right now.. I'm exhausted and tired of looking at a computer.. I think my eyes might fall out!   Regardless.. our half a family, not Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving dinner was fun.. it was a success.. I won gum and a moisturizer bottle in bingo.  lol.  Now, I have to prepare for the next round...  which you'll find out later this week... for the family Thanksgiving at home.

I know it's 8pm.. but I'm about sure it's time for bed.

Music Enjoyed while writing and cooking:
Hoagy Carmichael - Skylark
Benny Goodman - Can't pull the woll over my eyes
Ella Fitzgerald - this time the dreams on me
Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To The Moon
Bobby Caldwell- Under My Skin
Louis Armstrong - Dream A Little Dream
Beverly Kenney - this Can't be love
Martha Tilton - Bob White
Rory Partin - The Way You Look Tonight
Frank Sinatra - My Funny Valentine
Dean Martin - you're nobody til someobody loves you
Chet Baker - The Song is you
Ella Fitzgerald- Brown Skin Gal
Perry Como - Papa loves mambo
Ray Chalres - Hit the road jack
Glenn Miller - Moonlight Serenade
Anita O'Day - Side By Side

Current Craving:  Love, Peace and a hug

Current Motivation:  Saving a Turkey.

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