Monday, November 26, 2012

Recipe Set 62 - THE creation of Thanksgiving!

What a week!
I do think Victoria would be truly proud (as well as her benefactors that were namesakes for some of the other items on my Thanksgiving day plate!)
To the left you see: Cheesy Turk'y meatball squash soup, a salad, and on my plate you'll see corn, mushrooms, a bluebirds of love birdseed roll, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and a field roast.  (I had forgotten to add my sisters awesome green chili dish - that she specifically made vegan for me! MmmMm.)

I hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous and yummy!   And let's get down to business!
I started Wednesday morning.   I had taken my car in for an oil change (found out some bad news on it) ended up walking home (which is about a mile and a half, and really I should not have been exerting myself considering I was doing a race the next morning).  I digress.. once I landed safely back in my house from my mile and a half walk, I started on the BlueBirds Of Love Birdseed Rolls.
I had promised the sister I'd make these, as they're her favorite.  Once the Kitchenaid was out - it stayed out for hours.  Knead, talk to Firestone, Rise, Talk to Firestone, Walk, Back, Seperate, Rise bake.  (this took 2 hours).  I did break in between for lunch and yoga.

Back at it, I made meatballs for Victoria's Cheesy Turkey Squash Soup, and while the oven was on, started up on Victoria's baked stuffing and then prepped for Princess Aleesa's pumpkin pie.

I was on a roll.
(And had a roll too, right out of the oven!)

Really, the excitement didn't happen (and I do mean there was no excitement.. every cat in my house was sleeping soundly ALL DAY which is surprising, but hey, it's ok.) but the excitement didn't happen until I realized I had to peel the dang squash.
I'm getting better, folks.  I really considered rubber gloves, but changed my mind half into the peeling.  I made it through.  Just like the Barry Manilow making it through the rain!

So - the stuffing was done.. and I put it in a container.
I started on the pie before the soup.. and thankfully I did because it didn't want to set right.  I was very concerned I was going to have to pitch it and try again.  Something just wasn't working.   I'm lucky though - an hour and a half (half an hour more than it should have been) later I talked to my pal who is a chef, and she gave me some good advice.  Pie finally set.. it was ready.

During that fiasco however, I made the soup.
It smelled SO good I had to have a bowl.
And I did.
And it was yummy - oh so yummy.

And after everything was done - I got to enjoy A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.
Up and at em at 5am on Thanksgiving saw me out on a 10k downtown with my sister and two friends. 
Yes, I did the whole thing.
Then, it was time to shower and head to the folks.
It went a little something like this:
Mom and I, enrobing the kitchen so no one could really get in.
My brother, sneaking a piece of his own pie - no, correction, two pieces.
My brother and sister having an argument about Black Friday paper ads
My father coming in late.
Eating our meal
My brother giving wet willies and teasing my neice
My neice disowning us about 20 times.
My neice, dad and I watching BRAVE..
Then, I took the BEST WREATH EVER that my mother had made, home and had at decorating the outdoors for Christmas (because the weather was beeautiful).

There's only one thing I would have done differently with my meal.
I'd have deep fried that field roast!

For good measure and because I forgot, a shot of my pie!
Hope you all enjoyed your day.. it's almost time for Holiday Favorites month!
I'm going to start out with an interesting party spread for my next blog.

You'll have to wait til later this week to find out what it is!

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