Monday, November 19, 2012

Skip and Thymes Amazing Pumpkin Lasagna!

I did it!
I successfully combined the flavors of Thanksgiving into a lasagna mash-up.  Now, maybe this means nothing to you.. but I (and the girl) were impressed.  
I tweaked my recipe (since then) to add more spice, so it's on the new recipe... but wow.  This is going fast out of my fridge.  I happen to eat it every moment I get a chance!

So, it started on Friday.  I had such a busy day.  I'd planned grocery shopping (before the big rush) and I needed an oil change (that's going to have to wait.. waiting 2 hours at the shop wasn't do-able) then I had noodles, and laundry - you name it, I had to do it, all before my November girls night out. 

I got up early.  Had my workout; did my stuff, then came home and started making pumpkin noodles.
It felt strange being in my kitchen on a Friday morning making goodies, but it was fun.  I had the tunes going, and nobody bothering me.  
Dough, well it's not an exact science.  It shapes out into so many things (remember that time this summer that I rolled a t-rex?!)   I got a heart this time. <3
How sweet - considering my victim this time was the girlfriend. ;)

When I finished rolling and matching noodle shape to the pan I was planning to bake in, I cut them and let them dry.
Little did I know the next day, some would curl up.. but it didn't matter, it didn't make the tastes of this wonderful dish change.
On to my day.

The next day (veganizing day) I was dying with a headache.. this girl didn't even do YOGA! (that's crazy, I always do yoga).  Instead, I soothed my soul with scrubbing down my house.  Why?  I dunno, it's not like it's filthy or anything.. it's what I do.

I got a text from the girl and I told her I was laying on the floor listening to music.

"I'd tell you to come pick me up, we'll go have a drink, it's beautiful out but you're laying on the floor"

(Picture this - i'm totally laying on my living room floor - exhausted, feet up on the couch, face in the sun from the window..)  Cute right?  Not so much, I was a mess from cleaning... picture Cinderella with her headscarf on and dirt on her face.

I reminded her how observant she was to let me know I was laying on the floor.
But, considering I haven't seen this woman in a couple of weeks (and I wanted to) I got up, showered threw a hat on my head and picked her up.
We went out for a short time, where she won me a stuffed puppy dog (from one of those crazy machines) and in a dual attempt with another patron, won a lanky Santa Claus that sung a Christmasy tune.
It was fun. :)

We went back to the house (even though she did mention taking me out for pizza, but we both knew this cooking job had to take place) and magic was made!

Started on stuffing - (and keeping the ingredients IN your stuffing is ten times easier when you don't have  grabby hungry hands picking at your food {Jennifer Ann})

Boiled my potatoes..  which ended up in a lovely mash!  Mind you I don't skin my potatoes (do I have to remind you of my peeler fear?!).. they're lovely for color that way anyway. (I do want to add that I didn't have enough to completely cover everything at the end, so I fixed my recipe to make for more of these yums to make a complete cover of the top of the finished product - trial and error)

Boiled up the green beans (frozen, and I love french style, so that's what was on it), and finished up with the gravy for the end.
Once everything was made - I started layering.
Then it went into the oven for a while...
When it came out - not only did it look yum, but both of us (and we're not counting later on after I took Jen home) but both of us had seconds.. it was brilliant!
Just like throwing everything on your plate at thanksgiving and mooshing it together with gravy (I've always like mooshing things together with gravy anyway) :)
So, Skip and Thyme have probably the yummiest recipe of yet!
Perfect in every way.

What's next?!

And Elizabeth and I can't take ALL the credit for what I'm about to put on my plate, but I will be working on several little specific things that will be Elizabeth worthy!

Stay tuned..
I'll tell you more on Thanksgiving Eve!

Music enjoyed while blogging:
The hum of the heater

Current Craving:
More mashed potatoes please!

Current Motivation:
Counting down the days til I can eat a compassionate thanksgiving meal!

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