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Recipe 61 - Thanksgiving Lasagna!

Lou Lou, Skp to my lou....

Oh hey, it's you again!  I'm so glad you're back and following my turkeyless turkey veganizations for the month of November!

Let's not forget the whole point of this month?  To SPONSOR A TURKEY!!!

Skip (who's in the picture above asks you to think of him this month while you're figuring out what you want to make for your Thanksgiving feast.. and Thyme >> is asking you the same thing.

Luckily they get the kudos for this next veganization and I think they'd be proud!
So, while we're all on the same wavelength, let's have another chat, shall we?

I had to take my  mom to the doctor on Friday.  Nothing big, she had a follow up.  Upon leaving, she asked if we could stop at a local farm to pick up some eggs.  Now even though I don't eat eggs, I obliged. I've always appreciated the practices of this local farm.  Everything is free roaming to the most organic extent, etc.  How do I know?
As we're standing there, the farmer asks if we needed any chicken or turkey.
I said - "A live turkey?"
He said - "They're all out there, go take a look."
(Now, realizing my home is not zoned for turkey love - cuz if it was, I'd have had the whole flock) I looked at him and said "REALLY?!"
He showed us out to where they were.. and there they were, roaming around, taking over the farm, making turkey noises.  

Now, have you ever looked in the eye of a turkey?  I mean, really looked?   These are amazingly beautiful animals.  I chittered along with their little songs for a while, then realized we really did need to go.  As we walked away it was all I could do to hold back the tears.. I knew that these guys would be on someone's dinner plate very soon.
So - with that - I urge you - go visit yourself a live turkey. Talk to it, look in it's eyes, then make your decision before you sit down to carve it.  And, if you do choose the latter... please, let the first 'thank you' you make right there be thankful for it's sacrifice to you?  That is the least you can do - for ANY animal.
I know you wouldn't be here reading this if you didn't have some compassion.

Now - onto the veganization.
I'm creating this in quick due time for leftovers.. because who knows where I might have to go with it since I'm harboring about 12 different families trying to find the rock I was born under!? :P
This is something out of my own brain.. and something I'm hoping will taste as good as I think it will.
D'you like all your stuff thrown together on your plate at Thanksgiving?
Well, if so, you're going to love this!

Skip and Thyme's Amazing Pumpkin Lasagna!

The closest to a photo I could find online would be something like this:

However, instead of butternut squash (like the pasta in this pic) I'm making my pasta.. PUMPKIN style. (You read it right "I" am making the pasta.) Then throwing all the flavors of a traditional Thanksgiving meal in the middle of those wide noodles of pumpkin.

I - Am - Excited.  (Maybe too much? Watch out!)
Let's do some numbers for you to safely see on the other side of your computer screen.

Now - I had to work with this - I could NOT find a recipe distinctly comparable to what I'm making so be amazed at the numbers I took forever to compute for Skip and Thyme's Amazing Pumpkin Lasagna!  (Amazing is it not?!)

Un-vegan                               Vegan
Calories -  426                          285
Total Fat -  12.8                         8.6
Cholesterol -  82                           0
Sodium -  768                           384                              
Total Carbs -  34.2                    20.6
Fiber - 5                                      8
Protein -   33                              18
WW Pts -  10                               5

Gonna work hard on this as I create my noodles tomorrow night.  I'll rave about it at girls night on Friday, then I'll throw it together like a big ol' un-turkey mash up on Saturday night. 
So, will this Smithsonian creation get kudos on Saturday? Will I love it as much as I hoped?  Will my victim be pleased or peeved?  The answers to these and other burning questions are waiting on the next blog.
I promise, I won't let you down!


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