Monday, November 12, 2012

Recipe 60 - The one w/o the corned beef.. Turkey Reuben!

Would you like a stick of butter with that sandwich, Ya'll?
It's funny, I tend to migrate towards Paula Deen recipes when I'm veganizing.  
Dunno, it just happens that way.  I don't plan it!!  I promise!

So, I went on the road with this 'turkey' reuben.  Prepared and ready to go.   There I was, in a mini kitchen, too many  people and occasionally a dog going through.   1/4 room to prep.  Too many cooks in the kitchen.. OMG Yes.

I'm spoiled, I think.
Easy bee line to my fridge (that I use sparingly because I have a floating island in my own kitchen, and anyone that wants to be a chef - I suggest an island... so much easier.)
However, I had to work fast.  I had to move things out of my way - watch the gas stove (mine at home is electric, although I do prefer gas) and throw together a perfect vegan Paula Deen reuben.. and try not to get told it wasn't a 'real reuben' at the same time.
(geeesh, some people!)

So, I was in the way a LOT.. (or were they?)  Lol, no matter.
I got my cole slaw in the cooker with it's 'whole stick 'o butter' and some vinegar and let it cook while I prepared my sandwich.
Thank Bast I prepared my Thousand Island beforehand.

And let me take a moment to tell you how much I dislike Thousand Island.
However, I think I might detest blue cheese even more.
That's neither here nor there.
Just gross.
Anything with a mayo flavor in it, ain't right in my book.  But it's all in taste.

There were fries in the oven, drinks being poured, people in my way..
I carried on.
I got in trouble for forgetting to tie the bread bag before throwing it in the fridge in a quick attempt to beat the gas stove from burning my pan.
(Where was I?  My parents house?)
Coleslaw, done.
Sandwich one - prepared.
I knew it was a matter of time (because I could only grill one at a time) before I had to start my second.   This is where it got hairy.  Salad was being made to my right.. and I was pretty much in the way.  (Hey, I thought this was my veganization, and where is your kitchen table??)

I think I burned the second one.. but it's all good because my pal apparently likes somewhat 'doner' things. (Is that a word? Doner?)

Once all sandwiches were done - which was another challenge because how do you sit all these plates on 1/4 inch of working space before their victims come to devour them?
Talk about a challenge!

Sandwiches were good.  Movie we watched was cute.  I was questioned about the lack of sauerkraut, and 'corned beef' in the sandwich.
Wait - again - I'M VEGANIZING this, and it's a turkey veganization.

"What's the flavor"
"Because that's what the recipe was."
"Huh? Reuben is corned beef"
"Not this one"
"This isn't quite right, I don't get it."
Lol, surely you realize the pink dialogue is me. ;)

Really?  Did you forget what's going on?
Silence fell over the land to my right - laughing to my left.
Me? I just wanted to watch Pocket Brady and Lana Del Ray as 13 year olds get to second base, and finish my sandwich, and the yummy pineapple drink I was served!

All in all, it was a very successful sandwich veganization.  I tell you this because I made myself another for lunch yesterday.  (Yup, thousand island dressing and all!)
And the whole time I made it in my kitchen.. I rejoiced that it was my kitchen!
Lol.. not to say my victims were not fun to cook for and hang out with.
I knew one would be a challenge.
Everyone else, just seems to agree that no matter what it is, it's yummy.

Regardless... moving on with the 'turkey' theme.  Thanksgiving will soon be here and this weekend I'm going to create a not so classic re-hash of a very classic italian dish.
Something that will blend all of your favorite Thanksgiving treats into one big mush of YUM.

You will just have to wait and see what I mean.
Are ya'll ready for this?

Keep it tuned.. and really - go get yourself an island, or a butcher block, or something - you'll thank me later!

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