Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scaring up the sweet stuff!

It's time to start getting into the Halloween spirit!

No, no, that lil guy is cute and all, but it's not quite what I mean.

What I do mean? (And why the heck am I doing this to myself willingly again?).   Let's not forget last year's fiasco.  I'm hoping though, that embarking on what I'm about to embark on WITHOUT my sister won't be as big a deal.  I have this sister who worries about me. (cuz I'm her kid sister and all) to a point of sucking away my protective energies of which I put around myself when I willingly put myself in such dumb situations as running through a graveyard in a Power Puff girl costume, holding my music contraption in my left hand.  I'm hoping my baby mama isn't the same way.  Or I could totally rip her of her own protective energies unknowingly, like during the owl hunt this past spring in Spring Grove Cemetery where I stripped my own poor girlfriend of whatever she didn't even protect herself with and opened her up to something slightly nasty - of which interestingly enough passed onto me later, but left fairly quickly (thank goodness).

THIS is what I'm talking about.


My baby mama and I are about to take on sweetest day with some of the city of Cincinnati's most ruthless spirits who are said to still be hanging around.   And no, I'm not talking about the guy dressed as Freddy Krueger who's only job this month is to scare the crap out of teenage girls.  I'm talking about real entities.  (Please ya'll remind me again why do I do this to myself?) 

But not before we address the 'sweet' part of sweetest day.
Why am I sharing my sweets with my baby mama?

HELLO!  Cuz she's sweet!  Who couldn't be sweeter by sharing their own daughter with me?!  And she's the only sweetest I have that cares anything for sweets! :)  Our baby girl is lovingly called 'The Cupcake Baby' for reasons being that my outstanding chocolate vegan cupcakes put my baby mama into labor a couple of times. ;)

So, let's talk about this next veganization, shall we?

Ok, I know we've all seen those cute little triangular shaped tri colored pieces of sugar known as candy corn.  And, remember those mellowcreme candies that your parents came home with and put in a bowl and you ended up eating so much you got a stomach ache?  (My faves were the black cats and the chocolate bats)

Candy corn, mellowcreme ANYTHING are terribly NOT vegan.  Neither are cordials (egg whites).
What's a girl to do?
Well for starters, she makes her own candy. ;)
I'm the Hallowvegan all the vegan kids love now. 
(Care package time!)

I've flitted through pages of how to make my own candy corn.. things saying it's going to take hours, patience, muscular ability in your hands (hey I have that, thanks to my run-in with seitan!) and a good singing voice.
(No I'm kidding about that last one, it said someone who knows how to whistle.)
I -Can-Do.
(All but the whistling part, I'm a terrible whistler.)

And the cordial thing.. egg whites in a drink?  Bleeech anyway, who needs it?
Baby mama and I can cope w/o it.

Let's do some numbers, shall we?
Un-vegan                               Vegan
Calories -     396.8                  98.4
Total Fat -      2                          0
Cholesterol -   5                         0
Sodium -      29.1                    12.5                                                      
Total Carbs -  1.1                     0.5
Fiber -           0                          0
Protein -       1.8                        0
WW Pts -      1                          0

So, the plan?
I make some candy, why all the while I pull an all day protective spell out of my hiney, contact my angels, my guides, my protective spirits.  Attach some gemstones to my body and annoint myself with certain essential oils - then:
My sweetest baby mama is making me dinner ("beef" stew if I recall) and then we're off on our tour.  After the tour, we'll chill our freak out (and quell the real spirits with liquid spirits) by enjoying a candy corn cordial, complete with home made vegan candy corn made from my Rainbows kitchen, and I'm sure vanilla vodka made by Stolichnaya (I haven't mastered vodka yet).
And I've got my own concoction made up for baby and big sis. :)

I think my baby mama might be a spirit non-believer tho.  Here's hoping I don't turn all Carol Anne Freeling on her.

Music Enjoyed while blogging:
Once again - Sheri's Shoobop on Pandora

Current Craving:
Pumpkin Pie

Current Motivation:
Collecting all the pieces of protection I need, in conjunction with sugar, syrup, etc.

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