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Raising Spirits - Recipe 57 - The Candy Corn Cordial

Ok, where do I start?I guess at the beginning, that's a very good place to start!  (Oh no, I'm quoting the Sound of Music again, this can't be good.)

Well, ok.  So, I set out to make vegan candy corn for a 'Candy Corn Cordial' to share with baby mama - which somehow never got shared, but I do have a care package on it's way to her with the candy corn in it, so maybe she can make her own or we can try it again sometime.

Anyway.. this was an interesting process.  Very much like making caramel, but a lot more 'doughy'. 

I decided instead of corn syrup, that I'd use a healthier (and much sweeter) version of syrup, so I used agave nectar, and aside from it turning my dough a caramel color (instead of white) it turned out fine.  So, I did my boiling (it takes some time and patience to wait on boiling candy, folks.  I don't know that I'm much of a candy-maker but I found something to do).  I was a bit nervous that this would turn out hard as a brick - but I said my prayers to the universe and did what I thought I needed to do.   Once I had the candy the right temp and the powdered sugar all mixed in it made a fine dough, of which I had to cool for a while so I didn't burn my hands kneading it out.

Mind you, this whole process took about 3 hours, and I was also concocting more candy for a special trick-or-treater while doing this.
Once I had allowed the stuff to cool, I decided to do my coloring.  I don't know that the color turned out the way I wanted, but no matter.. it still had color.  
Knead, roll, knead, roll... til I had some ropes.
Ropes 'o candylicious.
Smooshed those babies together and cut them.   I think I have size issues though, these are pretty big, I think they should have been smaller, but whatevs.

I air dried them in a container for a while
Then set out for a haunting good time with baby-mama.
First off, I would like to thank baby mama for a very yummy dinner.  She does make the best 'beef' stew of ever, and she didn't dissapoint.


I would like to say that American Legacy Tours gives a great haunted tour.  We learned alot.  I also learned I should never step into 1313 Vine Street ever again.
For those of you who do not know what that is - it's the good ole' Warehouse club back in the 90's.  I spent a little time there myself, trying to be goth.  The entrance, and downstairs was creepy, but frighteningly enough part of my history so it was a little more familiar comforting (if there is such a thing) ..but wow... the stuff (and by stuff I mean spirit activity) upstairs in that building.  Let's not talk about it.
For the same reason we shouldn't talk about a woman that they spoke of on the tour that  I think might be connected to none other than my best buddy for three weeks last year, Mr. Augustus Kroell.    I've begun more research now.  I just needed another sign to get my butt back in gear.  Thank you, Rev. Kroell.. see I didn't forget about you!

Regardless, after touring, we got back to baby-mama's house and had some conversational exchanges, but it got so late and everyone got tired that I think I just plumb forgot to even muster up the energy to make the
drink..  BUT, the show must go on, so,  I made it for myself, yesterday, thinking maybe it'd get rid of the pounding headache and slight anxiety I'd been experiencing since the tour. 

HARK, this thing was strong!  It's a good thing I used less than what it called for - and I'm not sure I'm fond of orange liquer, but again, whatevs.
I wanted to make this 'Halloween' invocative, so I used my Disney Villains martini glass and shaker (of mind you which I've had for years and have NEVER used). 

I thought I'd be cute and creative with the candy corn too. ;)

Maleficent horns, meet candy corn horns.

(Well, that's how I felt after the drink!)

Smashing success!
STRONG smashing success.

What's next?
It's my Halloween veganization, of course!
I'm trying to decide though if I want to share it with the office, or keep it to myself.
MmmmMmMmmm. ;)

Stay Tuned!

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