Wednesday, October 24, 2012

No fairytales, to spookies, but better! Purely organic love!!

Come and listen to a story about a pumpkin named...
A pumpkin named....
Shoot.  I never gave gorgeous a name!

Ok, so earlier this summer, the girl planted a garden and in it, she planted the one, the only, most beautiful pumpkin this side of the river.  From the moment she sprouted out of her vine, I was saying - that baby, she's MINE!   I cooed at her everytime I saw her.  Patted her on the side, told her how beautiful she was.  Even tripped in a hole trying to get to her, in front of the girl's ex.  (eep). Proud of her, I was.  Proud of both her and her planter, I was. 
So, it's only fitting I should bestow her with a name - even though she's pulp now.
We'll call her Annikki, for various reasons.

(I actually gave myself this alias in High School, once, and if you ask me why - I'll never be able to answer you.)

One late summer morning, I took Annikki from the front porch and told her that it was time.
What's that mean??

It was time to make her into pulp for all the autumn treats I have planned up my sleeve.
So - I did just that (at the same time blanching her zucchini brothers and sisters to hold on to for Z-bread baking in the winter).  
I didn't really need a recipe, I just went on the recall of Aleesa and Clyde last year.  Annikki had the most beautiful orange insides a person ever did see, and her little seeds now sit on Jen's kitchen shelf for planting next year (If she does). 

Look at all of that awesomeness ^^

So, it's time to take out one of the 5 cups of pulp that my beautiful Annikki pumpkin put forth and make a Halloween creation.
Since October has pretty much been a sweets month, I decided to keep it so, and with this first cup of Annikki, I'll be creating none other than:

Mini Pumpkin Ginger Cheesecake Bites
(Pumpkin look may be optional, I don't know that I have a pumpkin pan with mini pumpkins - rabbits, yes.  Pumpkins I don't think so..)

Ahh cheesecake.

What am I going to do with these?
Eat them!

Depending on which way I decide to go with them, size-wise, I may or may not bring them to work.   I do however, know where one special one is headed.  (insert sweet catty attitude face here).

Regardless - let's do some numbers on this not-so-spooky treat, shall we?

Un-vegan                               Vegan
Calories -     400                      85
Total Fat -      24                      10
Cholesterol -   40                      0
Sodium -      200                        63.4                                                     
Total Carbs -  41                        18
Fiber -           1                          1
Protein -       5                            4
WW Pts -      11                         5

So, this veganization will *most likely* (unless I have something better to do) take place sometime on Sunday.  It'll be cold, the oven will want to be turned on.  It could also wait for Monday night... hhmm.
You don't care.  You just want the finished product!

So - off to defrost my first bit of Annikki  - I'm sure she tastes as delightful as she looked.
Yummy yummy yummy - there will be love in our tummy.  :)

That's not so scary!
Here - take this with you for something scary: Imagine that I run around my street on a big black horse with a pumpkin as my head.
(Hey, that sounds like fun!)

Music enjoyed while blogging:
Sheri's shoobop.

Current Motivation:
Trying to scare myself with knowledge

Current Craving:
To be shooting the breeze in our bikinis under the summer sun with a friend I miss dearly.

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