Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Recipe 58 - Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites w/gingersnap crust

Happy Halloween everyone (or I hope you had a great one).  A few of my 'treats' have been placed happily into the hands (or mouths) of the tricksters I've made them for, and were met with mm's and yums all around! This cat did a good job.  :)  However, my favorite part of the day was getting to see my VP all dressed up in her costume.  I knew she wouldn't miss this day, and it's been since the summer that we've seen her, so I'm pretty happy she's up and doing so well to come dressed up as the wicked witch of the west! :)  (Dang I shoulda been Dorothy like I was one year a long time ago, with my dog Butch as Toto - that costume got everyone on my block going!)

But, this is about the cheesecakes, so let's talk about this a bit, shall we?
If you remember correctly, I told you about the summer pumpkin that I roasted and scooped it's guts out to make yummy pumpkin treats this winter.  I used a cup of that fresh pumpkin (not all in the recipe, mind you - I made myself a pumpkin pie shake while the cheesecakes were baking.)

I started out realizing I did not buy the gingersnaps for my crusts at the store.  I was fit to be tied (not really) but poor as I am, I didn't really have the extra money to go back out to the store, so I improvised with what I had and made the yummiest soft gingersnaps ever.  (I did this a few days before - suprisingly enough they lasted til I got to the filling - omyum!)

The day I made the cheesecakes, I asked Kundalini to make sure that my gingersnaps stayed soft and wonderful for my crusts so I didn't have to do things like add more fat to them to get them to congeal.
Still soft, I was able to press them into my muffin tins to form crusts.

I was on the road to making cheesecake.. it took a very short time. 
I think I worked on my dinner longer.

You know what was cute?
When I took them out of the oven they were puffy, then they kinda deflated and looked like little chefs hats.
How Halloween of my mini cheesecakes, doubling as chefs hats for the occasion.
I promptly divided them (after eating about five) in their 'treat' bags (which were pumpkins, of course) and threw them in the fridge for distribution later on.

(Still only the villains know where the rest of these are going - if not in my tum)

So - another (last - yeah you're going to miss me next year) successful Halloween veganization down - it's time to focus on saving a life.

A turkey's life. :)
We'll talk about that very soon.  In the meantime, go to my Facebook page (if you haven't liked it yet - do that too) and vote for a sponsor turkey!   I've bookmarked it on my page.  :)

So far - out of the one vote I have, Victoria is winning!

Go-Now-before a ghost gets you!  It's still Halloween you know!

Merry Halloween!

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