Thursday, November 1, 2012

Recipe 59 -Payton and Annette's Gobble Good Noodles

There are few things in this world as wonderful as a turkey.

All this month you're going to be bombarded with 'how to cook a turkey', 'what kind of bird to purchase', images of a roasted turkey coming out of the oven, you know 'you should be thankful you have a turkey to eat', etc....

Want to be REALLY thankful though?
There's nothing like saving a life, honestly.

Every year (this is my third year) I have sponsored a Farm Sanctuary turkey, and this year will be no different.
There are 7 turkeys at the FS in need of a little support.  Won't you ditch murdering and eating the bird this year for the very act of loving and saving a life?

In honor of the seven turkeys that are in need this year - I'm going to name a Turkeyless 'turkey' dish after them. This month it's ALL about the turkey, folks, and we'll end with my choice that I'm about to sponsor...

"Victoria".  Yup, she's got the Thanksgiving dish this year. :)

If you're at all interested (and gosh I hope you are),  Take a trip on over to the FS's Adopt a Turkey Project Page (Even Ellen does this, folks!  Let's make it viral!)  And take the time to look at one of these beautiful feather-kids!

and Victoria

Truly beautiful creatures.

And so, this next veganization belongs to Payton and Annette.
What are Payton and Annette inspiring this week?

'Turkey' Tetrazzini!
To be now known as Payton and Annettes Gobble Good Noodles

Let's look at some history on how this dish became, anyway:
Check this out! 
"Luisa Tetrazzini (June 29, 1871 – April 28, 1940) was an Italian coloratura soprano of great international fame.

Tetrazzini's voice was remarkable for its phenomenal flexibility, thrust, steadiness and thrilling tone. She enjoyed a highly successful operatic and concert career in Europe and America from the 1890s through to the 1920s, but her final years were marred by poverty and ill-health.

Luisa is thought to be eponymous of the popular American dish Turkey Tetrazzini, which allegedly originated in San Francisco, where she resided for years. "

So, that lady there in the amazing dress had something to do with this dish?  Fascinating.
Wow, the stuff you learn about food. 

Let's learn something more about this dish and put the numbers up, shall we?

Un-vegan                               Vegan
Calories -  565                       326
Total Fat -  22.1                      4.8
Cholesterol -  105                     0
Sodium -  774                         352                                
Total Carbs -  51.7                 22.5
Fiber - 2                                   6
Protein -   37.6                       18.9
WW Pts -   15                           5

So, there you have it.  (could this explain Louisa's shape?)  :P

I'm thinking tomorrow night is good for this one.   I'm planning to stay home and start taking down the Halloween decorations and put up my 'ode to turkey' decorations.  I'm going to be one of the people that the turkeys are thankful for this year.  I hope you'll join me too!

So - this one will be fed to myself.  Which - yum, cuz I'm not sure I wanna share anyway.  I like Tetrazzini and I like leftovers.  Mine!  All Mine!
I'm going to make you proud, Payton and Annette!

Let's go gobble this up!

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