Monday, November 5, 2012

Payton and Annette's Gobble Good Noodles - Recipe 58

In one word - leftoversyum!

My tetrazzini veganization was quiet, controlled (to a point - you can see my mess below)  ;)  and yummy.

I started out fairly early on Friday.  I had been having some minor health issues early on.  That and I was just zonked for most of the day on Friday.  I did get my Halloween decor down Thanksgiving decor up, and manged to rip down a bunch of dead vines on my arbor so that my Christmas lights would be ready for it next month.  I was productive to a point. :)

So - I started my cooking.  (and just so you know - this is about the 'mess' I manage to workup when I cook, and I put away as I go along - I'm a little {no a LOT} OCD.)  Any one of you who have managed to live with me in the past 16 years that I've lived on my own - know this all too well.  ;)  Sheri-clean-n-tidy.

Ok, so I chopped up my onions and my garlic, and proceeded to start my spaghetti.  I'd have made my own pasta - but I'm saving that feat for my Thanksgiving dish, of which I'm very excited to make. :)
Regardless, I threw in my favorite quinoa pasta and started sizzling up the veggies.

Once done (obviously my pasta was done first) I had to attempt the 'cream and meat' part of the dish (which makes it yummy!) And worked patiently (starving - this took an hour and a half to complete).  Once I made the breadcrumb mixture for the top, I knew it was all ready to throw together.


I took a deep breath and put it in my casserole dish (and I really need a new one of these, this dish has seen better days)  and popped it in the oven.  15 mins covered, 15 mins uncovered, 15 mins to set.
WTH?  Someone was trying to make me REALLY want this dish. (and I really wanted it.)  I think it took at least 10 minutes off my hunger-brain when my neice challenged me to a 'favorite Disney movie' post on Facebook.

Thanks, Megs!

So anyway - it was time to eat.  I coupled my dish with some fresh pressed apple cider.  I think I had three bowls. 
I had more the next day.
I'll probably have more later.
Payton and Annette, I'm glad to have made such a fitting tribute to you!  This dish was loving, and still keeps on giving.  Just like I'm sure both of you are.

What's next?
Elizabeth, Gable and I are about to don a surprise (Hopefully) on a somewhat - suspecting individual.  (maybe I'll leave it in a fridge where she can grab it)?

What do I have up my sweater sleeve?

You just wait!

Until then.. go find a turkey to hug.  (They are huggable!)

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