Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On top of ol' CLYYYYDEEE... all covered with CREAM CHEESE!!!

We can't let this happen folks.

Too many good pumpkins out there being attacked by their own kind... this must stop!
Ok, ok.. pumpkins don't kill eachother.  A pumpkin is a squash, it has no soul...  OR DO THEY?!!

This IS Halloween and what would Halloween be without a very scary pumpkin in our midst?

Well, I have one for you!
What pumpkins do when they obey house rules.
Pictured here to your right are my two pumpKids.  (yes I said pumpKids)  At the top, is the very lovely, very calm, very sweet, Princess Aleesa.  She's a 'fairytale' pumpkin.  Also known as a 'cinderella' pumpkin.  She and my recluse have been very happy the past two weeks just hanging out. (If you'll look closely above Aleesa, you'll see the recluse web/hider hole.)

::Enter... Mr Clyde::

Clyde is below Princess Aleesa.   Can I just say - Clyde has caused nothing but mayhem and mishap since I brought him home?   Clyde is what those of us in the foodie world like to call a 'pie pumpkin' or sugar pumpkin, also known as a 'Spookie'.   He fits his scientific, very well.
Let's talk about Clyde, shall we?

While riding in the car home, Clyde managed to roll all over the place and crush down several items in the back seat of my car.. (I could hear his wicked laugh as he did this.)    Once home, Clyde proceeded to remove himself from the countertop that I had placed him on for just a moment while I used the phone.  (I kid you not.)  Clyde moved himself in - front of the furkids water bowl, intrinsically scaring the peewadden out of Pippen and Ichabod, who were just trying to go get a drink!
OMG What is this!?

I then moved Clyde into my living room..
Somehow, as I was hunting for packaging for some essential oil products I'd planned to make,  Clyde had managed coherse a pair of very sweet, simple minded, unsuspecting decorative cushaw's to bow to what he claimed was the 'pumpkin king' in my living room.. Again, laughing as he thought he'd done something wild. 
"Yeah guys, that's right - the pumpkin KING!"

So, once again I proceeded to move him from this crazy place.  I was still in the throes of looking for packaging for my essential oil products and as such, my search took me down to my basement.   Now, I live in a spooky house (I even have a sign on my door that says so!)  But I digress.. if I've told one person, I've already told a MILLION people, that my ghosts really could care less about my basement.  My ghosts want to be upstairs where all the action is.. so you can imagine my surprise when I heard 'gathumpa thumpa' over the top of my head while I was rummaging through my basement.   Knowing it was not a 'basement ghost' I left my post, fully aware Clyde had gotten himself into another mess...  and what to my wandering eyes should appear.. but CLYDE, SURFING THE NET!!! ON MY LAPTOP!!!
Pumpkin Porn?

At this point, I knew I'd better remove Clyde from the inside of the house so he could do no further damage.
Clyde took his spot right under Aleesa and the recluse where he could be monitored, which is when I took the picture you saw above, where everyone is sitting nicely and properly..
The day went by, the afternoon went by, the evening went by, the night went by.  Clyde still sat on his perch under Aleesa as I headed for bed... but -
I kid you not people - when I walked out of my door this morning, Clyde had moved spots!
Do you like the scary color effect?

I know now, Clyde canNOT be trusted.  Clyde must be destroyed.
So, it is with a heavy heart (not so much, because he's gonna taste good) that I prepare for the 'destruction of Clyde the Spookie'.

Recently - as my mom made pumpkin cream cheese bars and sat them in front of my sister and I with the sweet scent wafting through our noses.. my sister looked at me with pain in her eyes and said:  "You should really veganize these - I love them."   I looked back at her with the same pain and said "ok!"   And that is when my mother handed me the recipe and promptly asked for it back when I was through with it.  (As if she couldn't copy an old newspaper recipe.. lol).

I looked through my timeline of veganizations and found the perfect spot settled right at Halloween time.  I also realized that these lil items would be very 'office' friendly.  So with that, I planned out the veganization for Halloween.   And the victims.. my office mates!  (As well as my sister and mom who'll be seeing me later that evening.)  Although these won't be 'bars' they'll be muffins.. simply because they'll be easier to pan out that way.

Enter the name.   Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars will be aptly named Clyde's Vegan Cream Cheese Muffins
And without further ado - let's crunch the numbers.

                               Pumpkin CC B                                   Clyde's Muffins
                                                  Serving Size 2 mini muffins
                               Calories -  470                                               144
                                  Fat -  24                                                        6
                              Cholesterol - 85                                                 0
                                Sodium  - 420                                              286
                                  Carbs   - 60                                                 24
                                  Fiber - 1                                                        4
                                Protien - 6                                                       6
                                WW Pts -     13                                               4

Ah how nice.  :)   See it feels good to have a soul and eat a soul-less gourd.    

Now, since I took the liberty to be absolutely lazy during my last veganization, this one will be 10 times less lazy.  Why?  Oh I am not going the easy route!  With the easy route, I'd follow the original recipe and go buy myself a can of pumpkin.. but people, I have a pumpkin that I need to get RID of.. and what better way than to make something wonderful out of him?  So,  I have to cut Clyde.. I have to gut Clyde, I have to boil Clyde.. all for his deliciouso pumpkin pulp to grace these muffins.  Once mixed up and baked, Clyde (who will then be a set of several muffins) will get a nice icing of pasty, zombie white, vegan cream cheese on top -- because well, Clyde will then be several zombie Clydes!

I wonder if these muffins will turn my co-workers into scary zombies?!
I guess we'll see!!!
Is this Clyde in Zombie form? Or just the guy down the hall @ work?

Music enjoyed while writing this blog:
Bitter:Sweet - Trouble (It was in my head, this is Clyde's theme song!)

Current Craving:
Pumpkin Brains!!

Current Motivation:
Demystifying why  in the world I have purchased a crazy pie pumpkin!

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