Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Funky Sweet - AKA Vegan Monte Cristo - Recipe 10.

I'm full as a fried up tick on a Saturday night!
OK, it IS Saturday night, and I have no life.. so this is why I made this lil jewel tonight.  To further the fact that I have no life.  Ah well, I digress...
I just fried myself up a sandwich.   "The Funky Sweet"  is what I called it.. and it was super duper simple wimple.
How so?  How did I 'fry' up a VEGAN egg, cheese, and meat sandwich and CALL it Vegan?   Let me 'count' the ways for you again.

So - I started with a 'batter' that would be my 'egg'.. or dipping sauce to get this thing sealed up.

So, the batter. It was thick, it was rich.  It wasn't at all gooey and yellow like a regular egg batter would be.. but it doubled for what it was supposed to be really well.   Now I know exactly what to use when I want to make french toast - which is something I've not yet made in the vegan way.   Voila.. eggless 'egg' batter.

Now, the next step.  I took so many shortcuts here.  I have been making SO much bread the past few weeks, I decided to put the breadmaker (and the poor cramped up hands) on hold to utitlize my favorite Ezekiel bread.
So on top of that bread - we already know I've yet to master the art of cheese making.  Don't you worry, by the time I'm finished veganizing 100 recipes, i'll have done it!  But today was about short cuts.. so I used the famed 'rice cheese' in cheddar and mozzerella!

Now, we have established that I can make vegan ham.. but I'm too lazy for that tonight.  However, we have not yet established that I can make vegan turkey.  (Hello Thanksgiving? Christmas?  Can you help me there?!?)   I guess we'll be seeing what I do with that one here in the near future.. but for the time being I decided to be lazy and use Yves veggie meat for my ham and turkey on this loverly sandwich!
So here it is built up and right before I put the 'bread lid' on it!

And as for that, it was ready to go in the frying pan to be fried up like a fried chicken on the fourth of July.  (Ok, that's a bad vision) regardless, I put it in some healthy canola oil and started that baby to frying heaven... sizzle pop..   How terrible is this fast made sandwich sounding to you?  I dunno - you tell me, right now any one of you could make this without a recipe.. maybe you should go fry yourselves up one and tell me how un-healthy it sounds as it's sizzle popping in your frying pan.. then I can tell you about how much I don't care if it's un-healthy that I am going to eat it anyway.  :)

So, when it's done, I squeezed out as much of the frying oil as I could on paper towels, and coupled it with a banana and some raspberry preserves for dipping (the picture is at the top of this blog.)   But wait, look!   Half of it's done already - and for me that doesn't mean 'save the other half for tomorrow.. nope.. to ME that means.."FINISH IT ALREADY!"

And to prove to you that I DID finish it and didn't sit and stare it into oblivion like some people that believe I'm anorexic think.... let's look at the most beautiful owl plate (thank you mom for the owl plates.. i heart them so)  that tells me that I not only finished the sandwich, but I finished the slices of banana as well - which would explain while right now I am as "Full as a Tick"... and whatever else I said to solidify that claim..

Consensus?  I loved it.  It was yummy and BETTER than the meat/cheese/egg filled one of yesteryear (oh and today) and why was it better? It was cruelty free.  It's amazing how yummy being compassionate really is.  :)

So, now that I'm full, and it's a Saturday night and I'm sitting here with my late 30's blooming and absolutely nothing to do but corral my cats in from the deck before it starts to get cold.. I guess I'll move on.
Are you ready for my Halloween blog next week?  Are you "READIER" to know that the people that are going to be testing this Halloween yummy will be the people I work with!?  Oh aren't they lucky..  (Cue the scary laugh). 

Til then.. ENJOY your weekend!!

Music enjoyed while writing and cooking:
Goldfrapp - Slide In
Thievery Corporation- Tomorrow
Frou Frou - Breathe In
Mono - Life in Mono
Massive Attack - Angel
Goldfrapp - Ride A White Horse
Gilmore Girls on SOAPNET

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