Friday, October 21, 2011

The Monte Cristo - Or - The Funky Sweet' aka - veganizing my favorite sandwich.

Ah, the Monte Cristo.  It does happen to be one of MY favorites - so it's only right to veganize it for myself, right?
The Monte Cristo, some say it was created for the Count of Monte Cristo (which fits with the Halloween time - y'know, 'Counts' and all.)  But let's look at a small timeline of the sandwich in the 1900's:

1910 - Most food historian generally think that the Monte Cristo sandwich is a variation of a French dish called Croque Monsieur. This original grilled cheese sandwich consisted of Gruyere cheese and lean ham between two slices of crust-less bread, fried in clarified butter. It was originally served in 1910 in a Paris cafe. This sandwich is still a popular snack or casual meal throughout France and Switzerland in most bars and cafes. It is usually made in a special sandwich grilling iron consisting of two hinged metal plates, each with two shell-shaped indentations. At most Paris cafes, the Croque Monsieur is no longer prepared as a square sandwich but rather as a one-sided tartine made with a large single slice of bread from a round loaf. 

1930s to 1960s - Many American cookbooks published in the 1930s to1960s featured this sandwich under different names such as French Sandwich, Toasted Ham Sandwich, and French Toasted Cheese Sandwich.

1950s - Although there are no existing documents to support this, it is felt that the Monte Cristo Sandwich was first served in southern California in the 1950s.

1966 - Disneyland in Anaheim, California also contributed to the trend of eating this sandwich. In 1966, it appeared on their menu of the Blue Bayou and Tahitian Terrace restaurants in New Orleans’s Square in Disneyland and has continued to be a popular menu item to this day. 
OMG did someone say Disney?!  :)
Hello!  New Orleans Square - Haunted Mansion!

"Calorie counters should avoid the "Monte Cristo" sandwich."  I read on a blog.    BAAAAH. and DUUH, at the same time!
As for me?  I never was much of a calorie counter. AND The Monte Cristo is one of my very favorites... but it's SO not vegan... what, with all that cheese, meat, egg, fried up in a pan... it's a vegan's worst nightmare!   But NOT ANYMORE.. no way ray (or eileen, or jim)  We're about to fry the calorie lid off this sucker (oh you heard me, I said FRY!)

Some Countess.. maybe it was me? Do we look similar?

So, once upon a time I saw a psychic and she told me in a past life I was a countess.  (fancy eh?)  So I am going to take a little of my past life and throw it into my present and call this sandwich the 'Funky Sweet'  (You know, I'm the countess of the house of Funke - and to prove it, just keep reading on)
Buf for now, let's do the numbreos, shall we?

The Monte Cristo                                                                   The Funky Sweet
                                                          Per Sandwich 
Calories - 282                                                                                    152     
Fat -  16.7g                                                                                         7.5g
Cholesterol - 45g                                                                                0g
Sodium  - 954mg                                                                            435mg
Carbs   - 21g                                                                                       18g
Fiber -  5g                                                                                            3g
Prot - 25g                                                                                             12g
WW Pts -  8                                                                                          4

I don't know about you, but it's almost Halloween and I'm still not scared.. of anything, least of all the nutrition count of my veganized Monte Cristo.   No, no, no.   "They tried to make me go back to carnivore life, and I said noo nooo noooo".    ;)

Ok, well anyway.  All Amy Winehouse picking aside..  this sandwich is going to be my lunch, maybe on Saturday.. oh, Maybe on Sunday.   I've not decided yet.  Regardless it's going to be mine.. all MINE!  WAHAHAHAHAHA
Countess Elizabeth Bathory, that makes more sense, right?

Providing I haven't 'scared' anyone so close to our Halloween veganization (so close, yet a whole week away!) Maybe you'll be just as excited to partake in a vegan monte cristo as I am someday.  Maybe you've read thus far.  And because you DID read thus far.. I'm about to tell you how it is that I am the Countess of the House Of Funke...

It's because she loves me, her spirits love me,  and the world thinks she's beautiful - or at least the City of Covington does.
Proof?  Take a look at the photo taken last night.  :)
Too bad the sister didn't get me LOOKING at the camera when I got my beautification award.

When the sun rises on the weekend (or maybe when it's already in the sky)  I will be making this sandwich.. you will be sad because you're not eating it with me... but I will not be alone.. I am never alone in my home.  (pan the scary music).

Keep an eye out (not literally) here for my sandwich!

Music listened to while typing this post - Something awful!
Current Motivation - Scaring ya'll up in preparation for my Halloween post!
Current Craving - Soup

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