Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Here there be dragons - AND Pizza! AKA - Dragon wing pizza! Recipe 9

The Thierbach girls, Greeny and Snapdragon!
OH I'm in pain today.   The horseback riding that I did this weekend did me in.  (This is what I get for not riding for years).  This just means I need to get back up on that horse.  Lol.
Regardless - I got the go ahead (24 hours later from the initial pain set up) to go ahead to the Theirbach house and make Dragon Wing Pizza - so, that is what I did.  And, guess what?  It was awesome!

I made sure that I had made the wing sauce, the ranch dressing and the hand tossed dough before hand (Monday) so that it was ready to go right away.   I do not know how to yet make vegan mozzerella, so it was Daiya to the rescue.  Luckily, my Theirbach friends are not picky and were all too embraceable of the Daiya as opposed to real dairy mozzerella.  I'm almost positive my un-celebrity chef will be vegan by the time she's 16.   Quote me on this - we'll see what happens.
Everything made and ready (pizza crust in fridge!)

So, here's how it all went down.
I had TWO un-celebrity chefs with me.   Elena and  Snapdragon.   While Snapdragon magically created our vegan wings for us, and put the fire in our wing sauce, Elena was in charge of putting both those things together onto the pizza to make it what it was supposed to be.   Not to be ignored was super side chef Christy who made us a gorgeous salad to go along with the pizza.  But for now - let's focus on the main dish - the reason we're here.. Fire Breathing Magical Dargon Wing Pizza!

So, let's review, shall we?   We started out with my first ever Vlog of the Vegan Un-Celebrity Chefs (And mind you not - if you're a celebrity chef of mine during this veganization thing for the next two years, we're going to have a throwdown challenge sometime in 2013 when it's all said and done where I'm going to have all the people who've eaten with me - eat a buffet that my un-celebrity chefs and I have thrown down - call it a "Thanksgiving" of sorts.. ya'll will love it.) This is why you want to be a 'tester' and I need more!!
So, let's see how this whole shebang started, shall we?
So, once that was done - (aren't we all so cute?)  We went ahead and started the cooking process.   Elena on wings, and I on pizza sauce.
Elena worked hard on those dragon wings in snapdragon fire!
The vegan ranch sauce and my saucy finger.

a moment to pose!
So, as Elena put the fire sauce (my vegan version of franks red-hot buffalo sauce) on the dragon wings, I prepped the pizza with my very own vegan ranch dressing.. then we posed a bit.   And when the wings were ready - we popped those magical things upon our pizza!

From that point it was Daiya to the rescue, so we got it together, opened our package and spread that beautiful vegan mozzerella all over our magical dragon wing pizza.

Then, it went into the oven to bake for a bit.   While we were baking, we had another chef in the kitchen.  World renowned (ok, how about Wilder renowned) salad chef - Mrs Christy Theirbach.   Because she makes the best salads in history - and who can have pizza without a salad?
NOT NOBODY!  (English - I took an English class once!)
Our salad chef, Christy, performing SALAD magic!

So, as the salad was being made - my un-celebrity chef did something really neat for our big night for me.   She popped in 'How to Train Your Dragon'  because I have not seen it yet.   I was very excited.   We didn't get to finish it, but we plan to watch the second half of it next week.   All in all, our dinner was absolutely successful, thanks to Elena, Snapdragon and salad chef Christy.   I have begun my un-celebrity chef-a-thon with a very good little vegan chef so far.  I hope to add another set of names to that list very very soon.. young, old, in-between!

On a side note - sauce that has real dragon fire in it - makes one a very giddy, silly, girl.   Try it.. if you're a girl.  I'm not sure it has the same effect on boys!
To end this blog - here are a couple more pictures of our dragony evening!
A close up of un-celebrity chef - Snapdragon

Greeny and Toothless, waiting for the movie!
excited, getting ready for the movie!

And I want to dedicate a lil song to my two first vegan un-celebrity chefs of the night last night.  This one is for you, Elena and Snapdragon!
click the link for your song, my lil songbirds!

Til next time, all!

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