Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Of Fire Breathing Dragons and Pizza!

Maleficent - the best fire breather ever!
"You poor simple fools. You think you can defeat me? Me, the mistress of all evil!"

I make sure to say that to everyone I come across. ;)

All kidding aside, Maleficent makes the best dragon ever.. and what's cooler is that she breathes fire AND has wings - not only that, she's a Disney character - and remember me and Disney?  Ah we go way back.
There's a lil princess in every girl that believes that dragons exist.   I like to believe that dragons are just blinged up dinosaurs.. much like the pegasus is a blinged up horse.   From reality brings wild things to our imaginations so we amp things up and make them ever bigger and neater.   Why do you think Vivienne Westwood is still in business??   <3

Regardless, we're about to make a blinged up pizza from our imagination that no one will ever know it's not the real (imaginary) thing.. I'm tellin' ya!

When I say 'we' I do mean my VERY FIRST un-celebrity chef, who just happens to be my imaginary equal - with the biggest, most awesome imagination ever.    Her head comes up with the best 'dragons' (which she lovingly calls 'dargons') in the business!    I'm talking about my lil pal Elena Theirbach.   And if we're lucky, she'll draw us the dargon who's going to help us, and share dinner with us on Tuesday the 18th!

So, here's where our imaginations come in.
Chicken wing pizza - is very real.
DARGONS - are very, um, not real - but they have wings!
Dargons - well, they breathe fire.
So - we're going to take a dargon from our imagination - and he's going to magically lend us a few pairs of wings (Dargons are magic, remember - they can re-grow wings).  Not only is he going to do that.. he's going to breathe out some fire sauce for us to coat them in, and throw them on a very vegan ranch topping, upon a very vegan pizza dough, which will be topped with very vegan cheese!
So - wings from our imagination,  Fire sauce from our imagination.. all really equals out into something truly vegan, because if not for some very imaginative chefs (Like yours truly) vegan equals would be VERY hard to come by!
I'm so excited - you have no idea!
How silly does this guy look?  um, buffalos are real and they certainly don't have wings!!

So, what are we naming this pizza to be?
Fire Breath Magical Dargon Wing Pizza of course!   This will be Dargon Wing Pizza for short.   So, with that, we need numbers, don't we?

Here they are:

Dargon Wing Pizza                                                           Buffalo Wing Pizza
                                   Per Serving - Serving Size  - 1/8 pizza                
Calories - 104                                                                                246
Fat -  4g                                                                                          14g
Cholesterol - 0g                                                                               52g
Sodium  - 348mg                                                                            1877mg
Carbs   - 13g                                                                                   18g
Fiber -  1g                                                                                         1g
Prot - 4g                                                                                           13g
WW Pts - 3                                                                                        7

We're about to set fire to the old saying that you can't make something that isn't real into something real.. or as I'd like to say - something that tastes like the real thing!   Because we can, and will.   From the depths of our imaginations will come this most awesome pizza of which only the most awesome of people will want to eat.  Can we add you to that most awesome group?  C'mon, save a chicken (or at the very least, save a buffalo from losing his imaginary wings!) And get pumped to want to make this pizza too!
Besides.. a real buffalo wing looks like this before it's taken off the poor bird.  
sad chickens giving wings.. icky.
But Dargon wings.. are not only magical.. they aren't plucked from anything, they're made by imagination - and most likely look beautiful, like this!

Can you hear that Dargon screech!?
I know where my head is at.  Do you?! :)
Soon - we'll get this show on the road!  Soon you'll be jealous because you'll never meet the dargon who's going to cook with us.    Try to contain it, ok?  You'll see his picture - hopefully, and hear his skill on how to make his pizza, that is, if he'll let me video tape him.. and then - - you can make your own!

Music enjoyed while writing this blog: 
Goldfrapp's "Lovely Head" which is in my lovely head.

Current Motivation - My Imagaination

Current Craving - Baked Mac and Cheese.

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