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Recipe 55 - Hershey’s Chocolate Bar Cheesecake aka Her Chocolate Teesecake

Bwahaha.. Happy Horror Month!   Lookie there?  Mmmm.... That's a picture of the original challenge that I'm about to blog about.

So, several months ago I was put to a challenge by my make a vegan  version of The Cheesecake Factory’s “Hershey’s Chocolate Bar Cheesecake”.   I kept trying to think of a good time to do this for her, and was realy planning on an anniversary to do it… so a couple months ago, on our 5 month anniversary - I decided to surprise her with it.
Granted.. She only ate one piece - as her room mate Drew and I killed the rest  (she’s not a sweets eater).  But let’s talk about how this all panned out.

It took me a few days.  I’d decided I wanted to do a little 6” cake, simply because she doesn’t like a lot of sweets anyway.. That way I wouldn’t be making too much and inhaling it myself.  I started with the cheesecake, which I was leery of because if you recall, my first attempt at cheesecake failed miserably. Remember, I’m not using vegan recipes here - I’m using ACTUAL recipes and veganizing them.. So chances are of something not turning out - fairly great.
I did what the recipe suggested as I was veganizing it, and it actually turned out perfectly.

So, considering I only had one 6” cake pan - and I had to make a cheesecake and two cakes, it took even more time. A couple days later after the cheesecake had set  - I went ahead and made my cakes.  This took forever, so during all that I made ganache and icing while baking two cakes at two different intervals.   After those cooled.. It was time to put this thing together.

Let me remind you I didn’t use Hershey’s anything…
All vegan chocolate.

Cake, ganache, cheesecake, ganache, cake….

Let’s do the numbers on this:

Hershey’s ChocoBar CK      Her Choco Teesecake
Calories -     1300                  640
Total Fat -    40                   10.1
Cholesterol -  65                    0
Sodium -  525                       112                                                        
Total Carbs - 46                    28
Fiber -    2                        2
Protein -  21                     10.5
WW Pts -   17                       6

After I iced it, I let it cool a smidgen more before I took the painstaking task of patting the sides down with vegan chocolate chips… and I finished it off with a cute little heart on top.

If I’d had a box, it might really have looked professional.

Girlfriend was somewhat impressed I think, and she enjoyed every bite of it.. As did I and Drew (and more for us later!  Lol)

She’s now decided she wants me to veganize The Cheesecake Factory’s Oreo cheesecake… I’m sure I’ll get to it.  Maybe for Christmas.   I think I want to do a pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving.

All in all this was an amazing (albeit very long) vegan transformation and I’m glad I was finally able to perfect the vegan cheesecake, and now I’ll do it more often because cheesecake - well - um - it’s awesome.   MMMMMM.

So… that’s what you can’t do with your Halloween candy… because unless you’re lucky, your Halloween candy won’t be vegan.   So, don’t try this at home with a Hershey  bar if you want it vegan.  You may be out of luck!

Moving on with horror month - think of something yummily horrific and you’ll have our next veganization.
(you have no clue, do you?  Stay tuned!)

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