Thursday, October 4, 2012

My big vegan Disney vacation (aka - the time I went on a cooking hiatus and let people I didn't know, cook for me.)

I'm baaack!   It went too quickly, however, I'm battling another little sickness (which I almost predicted would happen) although this is nothing like I've had in the past - I seem to be healing fairly quickly and hope that by tomorrow I'll be 100%.  I'm already feeling better - if I could just get rid of this cough and general tiredness... no matter, let's talk food shall we?

So - I went on a Disney hiatus.  As you know, I went down to the world to run the ToT 10 miler.. and I did, and I finished in two hours, thirty mins and some change..I was proud of myself, considering I'd never finished 10 miles in training - and honestly I think we did 11 from beginning of start to the amount of finish you had to walk to find your people.   I digress, so - my pal and I started down the road on Wednesday morning..(full of oatmeal and berries).  We stopped for lunch (which was a sandwich we'd packed - mine was avocadoes, and tomatoes and I think I had some pretzels.)   Dinner I had to veganize an Applebees chicken something or other - which was actually very good.  Rice, lots of spicy veggies and a big ole salad.   We'd stayed in Georgia that night and the next morning had the hot breakfast bar - (again, oatmeal and fruit for me).  Did a replay of lunch and traveled down the coast to Cocoa beach to waste time before meeting my cousin for dinner.  We ended up at the Sun Shoppe cafe where I believe I got a really yummy veggie wrap made my way.. then had an enjoyable evening with the cousins.     The next morning we headed on over to the world (after our oatmeal breakfast).  We'd packed a repeat of our sandwiches for lunch and I think that might have been the last packing we did!  lol.

That evening after we'd played in the Magic Kingdom most of the day - I was jonesin' to get to EPCOT at their food and wine fest to try the dishes from the vegan place called 'Terra'.   It's amazing (and it shouldn't be) that people are so 'afraid' of vegan food.  There were people in line saying 'oh that's not chicken??  ew, well nevermind'.   One person said - "It's an acquired taste"  (eh??)  Another said - "I've done vegan before, it's not TOO BAD"   Seriously folks?  This stuff was amazing.   To your left was 'meatballs' with a cashew 'cheeze' and baked chips.  To your right was 'chicken' with a chipotle sauce over rice.  That night they didn't have the dessert - but don't you worry.. I got that one later.   We finished our dinner (mind you these were teeny) with a few salsa and chips in Mexico and then over to The American Adventure where I got an amazing veggie burger and fries.  Mmm..

The next day was race day and what was yours truly fuled with?  Oatmeal, about three gallons of water and almost a 2 liter of gatorade.  We were trying to figure out lunch in Downtown Disney when my sister suggested this little Pollo Loco place by the Lego store.. chicken?  um.. really?  ok.
No way - so this place had a chicken place, then a burger place (where I got a yummo falafel burger and chips) and a wrap place... then - guess what? BABYCAKES!!!  Vegan desserts.  To your left is my vanilla babycake cupcake with chocolate frosting.  (I really wanted the pumpkin one, but they didn't have any).    No matter..  after that I floated in a pool for a while and took a nap.  My comrade and I then left my sister (who really should have been eating more than a bagel) and went to the art of animation resort for dinner where I found --  VEGGIE SUSHI!  :)  Granted, my girlfriend makes better veggie sushi, but I was happy.    So powered by all that and a little water logged, my sister and I headed out to our race, where hours later we were awarded medals!  Yay!  this vegan did 10 miles!

So after all that fun, my comrade and I (w/o the sister as she went to hop on a plane home)... spent up until after 4am at the Disney Studios playing.  (How I was able to still do this is beyond me.. but we enjoyed buckets of vegan Disney popcorn because what's in the box I'm holding in that pic above - was no where NEAR vegan.. it all went to my sister.)

The next morning - a few hours after we got back, we were back out again! Oatmeal for breakfast, and on over to Animal Kingdom where we enjoyed the wild life and for lunch enjoyed Rainforest cafe (where I got 'the natural burger' - the way I wanted it.. avocado, tomatoes, lettuce and a veggie burger w/fries again.. omg yum.. however the service was terrible.)
We took a beeline back to the studios from there where our dinner really was, this time.. popcorn. lol.  We'd had a plan to go to EPCOT from there and enjoy some wine, but it didn't pan out so well.. it started POURING and we decided after our mexican boat ride that we needed one of those 7.00 ponchos.  (really?) We took a boat ride into Norway and ended with The American Adventure, went back to the hotel and died.

The next day was unfortunately our last day - so fueled by oatmeal again, we headed out to Magic Kingdom and rode all the mountains, attempted Dumbo, hunted feverishly for an ornament I wanted of which I never found and listened to some presidents speak. Our hunger wouldn't let us rest so after that fun we headed over to Sunshine Seasons in EPCOT where (at the time I was craving tofu) but I found this beauty - vegan orange chick'n and asian noodles... omyum.
Then it was time for 'Soarin'.  After we soared into California and touched back down in southern Florida - we were off to find dessert - mind you, at this point I was super sick.  (I started to go downhill the day before - but still kicking, but this day I was fading fast).  I was hoping that it wouldn't last, but I had to take several breaks to keep from fainting from the pain, and stuffiness and cough I was experiencing.  Regardless - hoping I needed some sugar, so I booked over to Terra and found they had their dessert this time..

WOW!  If you look at that little gem you could almost make out a hidden mickey!  I'm glad my sickness didn't let me pass this up.  Passionfruit ice, coconut foam and chocolate cake.. all vegan, and awesome.
After I sucked that down, we went slowly into the countries we'd not gotten to the day before.  I had to take a break in Japan.. I seriously thought I'd faint.
We ended up skipping most as I had to relax I was in very bad shape.  Decided after I'd gotten up a little extra strength to finish our night with Spaceship Earth then head off to get some dinner.

We finished our world tour back at that chicken place in DownTown Disney again.. this time I got a veggie wrap and a 'french toastie' babycake, which I'm going to attempt to make because it really did taste like french toast!

After that, we decided to get lost on our way out to the highway (which helped nothing as I was still running a fever at this point).  Ended up in Macon Georgia at a Holiday Inn, where when we both got up the next morning (and both of us sick now) neither of us knew where we were - (feverish ignorance).  Had oatmeal and fruit at the breakfast place in the hotel and then off to head  home.   Had the least expensive lunch we'd had in a week at Subway - mmm.. then grabbed some crap at the gas station hoping it'd make us home.
Not really.. had to stop at Frisch's which ended up free due to some issues with service.

Oh well.
We made it home late.. but made it.  I'm still ill as I said - but not quite as bad as I was.  I'm healing.  I expected it to happen, as it always does when I push myself, but I wouldn't trade that experience for anything..

And just to let you know I really DID run while I was in Disney

Yup, that's a HAPPY ME.. heading up passing mile 6 into my personal hard mile (#7) I killed that mile 7, and the rest of them.. that's what being a healthy eater does for you.  ;)

So - what's next?   I bet you can't wait for 'Horror Month'!   The next recipe up is something I've already done (because I have way to much to do this weekend having not had much of a chance to do it yet because of being sick).  Basically - it's what you can do with all that vegan chocolate candy you'll get trick or treating that you won't eat.  (who am I kidding?? You won't get vegan candy trick or treating!)

Stay tuned!
It's time for me to go lie down again and get this crummy out.

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