Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fueling my run..

As many of you know (unless you're reading in another language when you read my blog).  I am about to embark on my first ever run - over a 10k, and I'm about to run it (again unless you're reading this in another language or maybe you've picked me up along the way) at my favorite place of evermore - Disney World!

Anyway I thought I'd say a nice little goodbye blog since I won't be food-blogging this week of my own food.   However, to my excitement I thought I'd blog about what I might be eating on my mini vacay.. (woo)!

So many people say it's hard to be vegan.. but what they don't know is it's really as easy as opening your mouth (to speak of course, then eat!)  I've been on the hunt all week for places that I might be able to dine that I don't have to contact someone 24 hours in advance to feed me for.  Right now I'm on a super-duper budget so for the most part, my fillings will be from stuff that I've brought from home.  Bunch of fruits and veggies, really good bread, vegan cheese, vegan snacks and bottles and bottles of H20 for the road.   I did get myself a gatorade (which I checked out well before buying ) to refuel myself after a few 'practice' runs throughout my car trip.  I expect I'll be purchasing a few things on my trip too because what fun is a trip if you can't eat out?

So, what did I find?
Well - as I've said Disney popcorn is vegan.. and for a popcorn lover like me - I'm just about over the moon for that!  I imagine myself making a dinner out of popcorn - however, that's probably not the best idea... so what else did I find?

Well - the Epcot Food and Wine festival will be taking place this weekend and guess who's in luck?!  ME - of course.  Why? you ask? Because the first night I'm there I'll be eating dinner in a park (no matter how minute) at a lovely kiosk that will be debuting at the FWF - called "Terra".  How about this for a pre-run din din?
"TERRA Marketplace will offer all vegan menu items including Trick'n Chick'n Curry with Basmati Rice and Chili Colorado with House-Made Chips and Cashew Cheese".  Um, I'll have three of each, please!! ;)

What's more, who could do without a Mickey Head Pretzel?
Not me, I say!

I've also read that the french fries (Hello Cosmic Rays Starlite Cafe and Pecos Bills Tall Tale Inn!) are all vegan in the world (and look at that, a veggie burger too!) 

And after the run - It's been said that a little cupcake cart called:  The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck  who has vegan cupcakes will be stationed there for my cupcake needs. ;)

I'm pretty sure this vegan princess will not starve one iota while in her happy place (for the first time being a full vegan, how about that?  Can I get a clap?)  And hopefully with all the money I save on small snippets of food since I'm bringing most - I can come home with something really neat to make you all jealous.  ;)

I'm excited guys!  Wish me luck.  I have done my last long run until Saturday.. until then I'm going to be basking in the excitement of my trip and getting things ready.
I'll post when I get back and make sure to add as many food pics as I can of things that are drool-worthy vegan items.   I'm sure you want to eat vicariously thru me, right?

Have a beautiful week!

This Princess is signing off to go 'home' again! :)

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The Bold and The Beautiful

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Fried "Chicken" and Mashed Tatoes

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