Thursday, September 20, 2012

Recipe 54 - Don't run away from this vodka cream sauce!

I'm in trouble...
See that sign?  It's telling me to run! What the crap!?
That's right folks, it's just about hiatus time for yours truly.  The time when all good little Disney villain loving vegan chefs take on Walt Disney Studios to run the Tower of Terror 10 miler... and feign at the fact that if they stop to get a picture with their favorite villain (Maleficent, here) that they'll never cross the finish line.  So what do they do?

They don't stop.

I've been told (by the sister who's running this with me) that I'm not to stop for anything other than to throw a cup of water down my throat and move on.  Yikes, that doesn't sound like fun!  Ah, regardless.. maybe if I snap up some minutes before the end of the race i'll come across Jafar or something and stop really quick, looking sweaty and gross for a picture.

But here it is, my getup for the run.. isn't I gonna be cutest evars?
I'd like to thank my mom for the sparkly sweatband, my friend Monique for the shirt design, the Target little girls dept for the tutu skirt and my sister for the knee brace (that I hate but I need) and the socks.  My shoes are old, so if I don't make it - I'll blame them as I didn't have enough $ to get a new pair.
Ah well.

Let's finish this month's veganizations now ok?

So - it was a Sunday evening, and I'd invited the girlfriend over for dinner.   No reasoning behind it.  In fact I really don't think she came over for dinner, I think it just happened that we decided I was making it.   Anyhoo...  on the agenda when we decided?   Pasta with creamy tomato vodka sauce.  And OMG let me tell you...MmMmMmMmmmmMM!

As a carny/vegetarian/whateverelseiwas I LOVED creamy tomato vodka sauce.. so of course, that made a dire need to veganize the stuff! 
I pulled up a very un-vegan recipe and started to read thru what I needed.   We were good on everything, save for the vodka.   Kroger run!     We considered making bread, but decided to buy a loaf while we were there instead to bake.  I recall it being fairly warm outside, and Jen decided she needed a slushie (and I think this was during a trail of what I like to call 'Jen needing a slushie' week)  
Slushie down, vodka purchased, bread ready - we set back home for the cooking.

I boiled my pasta and got my groove on with the bread in what seemed like a very x-rated fashion, with garlic 'butter'. 

Then, I started the sauce.
Oh the sauce.

It took a bit longer than I would have liked, but it was ok because we had bread baking and I was enjoying listening to my girlfriend talk about,  I'm sure, her new phone again.  (remember that from the Easter candy veganization?  Lol.. she'd not stopped talking about that phone yet).

We couldn't wait to eat though, and after our first helping, we both went back for more.  This stuff was da-bomb!   I knew I had to fit it into my veganizations at some point and Italian month seemed like just the place to do it!

However - check out these numbers on this - And I'm tellin' ya - as far as the stuff you get at your local Italian joint, or the stuff in the bottle - this vegan version blows them out of the water in taste and numbers.  Check it out!

Pasta with Vodka Cream Sauce

Un-vegan                                      Veganized
Calories -     764                                422
Total Fat -    31.7                                9.6
Cholesterol -  91                                 0
Sodium -  396                                   148                                                       
Total Carbs - 93.5                             25.4                                                                
Fiber -    6                                           4
Protein -  19.2                                     8.5
WW Pts -   20                                     6

I kid you not.
The next time I make this, it'll be in HUGEMONGOUS BATCHES.. because this needs to be shared with the world.
And, just look at it!

I can't use enough M'ms!

So, with that being said - I close this Italian month out to go on my own very short probably 8 min tour of Italy in EPCOT in a few days.
Maybe I blog a bit about it all when I get back.
And if you're down there in the old World of the Amazing, Weird, Mr Disney - you'll find me hanging out somewhere - devouring

you guessed it:

.....the best vegan treat in the 'World'


Wish me luck and think of me at 10:15 pm on the 29th  (better yet, think of me at like quarter til 1am on the 30th and send me some healilng vibes - I don't want to hobble back here on crutches!) 

Until next time I blog!   Be kind, love eachother, eat like all animals are your best friends in the world.
(er something like that - don't take it where it doesn't need to be, freaks.)

Music enjoyed while blogging:
A pounding in my head.

Current Craving:
Tacos or Burritos, from one of those gourmet taco joints.

Current Motivation:
Using my day as a 'day of rest'.. it's killing me!! (You'd think the opposite, wouldn't you?)

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