Thursday, October 11, 2012

A poison apple here, some milky caramel there...

Ah apples..  it's right now that apples are plentiful to pick and ready to be eaten.  I've never been a huge apple nut.  (Is there such a thing?)  But I do respect the ol' Granny Smith.   (Not the lady in the picture.. I don't think her last name was Smith.. do we even know what her last name was?  Would it have been White since she DID marry Snow's father?  Hhhmm).

I'm talking about Granny smith apples, pictured above, of which are explained to us this way:

"The Granny Smith apple gets its name from its founder, Mrs. Mary Ann (Granny) Smith. Granny Smith apples are crisp, juicy, and tart which makes them perfect for either baking in pies, stewed in sauces or eating out of hand. They're also great in salads because once cut, they keep their color longer than other apples."

Aw, there's our granny Smith!

So Anyway - on with the show.  I am about to present to you, a butter and caramel laden apple treat that might just pull your partials out!
...wait, back up, butter and caramel are NOT vegan!

*does a dance*
Wanna make a bet? MINE are!

Caramel apple crisp.  That's what's on the menu.  And I don't know who is going to get this little beauty - but I'm sure I can coherse my mother into a couple bites. 

Let's do some numbers on this scarily sweet treat!

Un-vegan                             Vegan
Calories -     230                   115
Total Fat -      7                     2.4
Cholesterol -  5                       0
Sodium -  135                        46                                                       
Total Carbs - 41                     26
Fiber -           2                        2
Protein -       2                      1.5
WW Pts -    6                        3

There you have it.   An apple crisp any vegan mother/grandmother could love.
<< Even this one!  (Seriously!)

I'm about to embark upon this, oh - probably tomorrow night.  I'll chill it and reheat it for my OWN mother (who is not an evil stepmother at all) on Monday.  Maybe we can grab some vegan ice cream to top it off.

How about them apples? ;)

Until then, don't let all these villain visions scare you - since it IS Halloween time and all.

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