Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Green Pasta and Pesto and yum! Recipe 28

And there it is.

This was another super-easy veganization. I started on the noodles on Saturday morning. I found it most difficult for some reason to roll them out as thin as I did and then try and cut them by hand, so I went to the trusty noodle cutter and did it that way.. so not a complete fail, however I do not know why gadget companies feel the need to create everything for right handed folks. It's troubling that everything I do aside from write or put on makeup I do with my right hand. It was pretty much forced upon me. I digress, the noodle cutter is a pain, and if I could have without ripping them to shreds, i would have used my hands.. but whatever. Moving on.

I intended as well for the noodles to be green.. (considering we're in 'green' month) so I utilized a liquid made from solely spinach and water.
you WOULD HAVE THOUGHT this would have made them green. But noooooo, no no. They turned out still, whole wheat brown.

Anyway, after that was done, I got myself through a yoga workout, and then off to see the girlfriend.. who rocked an awesome "un-chicken" fried tempeh, and accompanied it with mashed potatoes, veggie gravy and green beans.
I have found my foodie equal, however she's a carnie and cooks better vegan than I do!  Not only is that special, she's learning this for lil ol me!! <3

Ok.. :P

Anyway.. the next day was the veganization.


I was in a brilliant mood, until SOMEBODY felt the need to call me three times and then lie about doing so out of the blue.
Whatever.. it did however knock my mood down considerably.
However, my evening was to be spent doing yoga with the girl and feeding her vegan pesto with my home-made pasta.

mm pesto!

Although I put too much salt in the pesto - it was still omg yum, and the noodles actually turned out perfectly, despite how I thought they would.
I'm sold on pesto.. and I'm about to have myself the leftovers for dinner here.. (because there's like a tablespoon and a half left).

So, my victim loved her pasta and pesto - however, went back for more salad (because i'm an awesome salad maker.. not as awesome as bff, but i come a close second.) I went back for more pesto (considering i'm an empty container even when it's filled).

So, what's next?!
Something I've wanted to super-veganize for a while.
Something a hungry southern bear would eat...

Stay tuned.
I know you're excited. ;)

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Oreos (but I don't have enough change to purchase any).

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