Thursday, March 8, 2012

Greener Pastures - or Recipe 29 - Fried (green?) tomato sandwiches.

Last April I went to Disneyland.
(It doesn't surprise anyone that I start with something having to do with Disney, does it?)
So yeah, last April I went to Disneyland.. and upon searching beforehand of what to eat vegan-like there, I came across the most sweetly delicious little place in 'Critter Country' called 'The Hungry Bear Cafe'
The piece of info I had read told me that you can make the 'fried green tomato sandwich' vegan if you hold the remoulade sauce and stick with the salsa.
Well then..:)

After taking a ride in a honey pot, and the cast member making sure we were 'stickity stuck' in our ride vehicle, my neice had to go into the Pooh Bear store.. me?  I was just about starving at this point, and I knew Hungry Bear was right upstairs... so where did your ever-lovin' 'i'll eat anything that doesn't eat me first' blogger go off to?
Ok, so keep in mind I was new to being vegan at this point, and occasionally you're going to slip.  But, it wasn't the FGT sandwich I slipped on.. no siree.  I got that sandy just the way I was supposed to, and with the most to-die-for sweet potato fries on the side.. but I'm going to ask you - if you know me, do you think I could have walked away from this?

Um, it's got GLITTER ON IT!
Yeah - I slipped on that cupcake.. and it was worth the slip. But I got right back on that vegan horse (obviously).

After almost a week of mickey head pretzels with mustard, an over-abundance of salads and copious amounts of Disney popcorn (accidentally vegan, yaaay!)  I did well at Disney. (I do have to say, it's alot easier to veganize at WDW than DL- who'dve thunk?!)

Anyhoo.. my next 'green' veganization is based ENTIRELY upon this sandwich from The Hungry Bear.. and I'm going to make vegan remoulade sauce for it, tomatillo salsa.. and add some vegan bacon into it!

Who are the lucky victims?
Bff and Bff Jr of course!
(Here's hoping BFF will make the salad to go with it)

So off we go on our second 'green month' veganization!

Let's do our numbers.

Fried Green Tomato Sandwich                              Bears are Vegan Greenwich
Calories – 859                                                                563
Total Fat  - 48g                                                              20g
Cholesterol  - 139mg                                                      0mg
Sodium  - 739mg                                                            256mg
Total Carbohydrate - 90g                                                  52g 
Dietary Fiber  - 5.8g                                                         4g
Protien – 18g                                                                    8g
ww pts: 23                                                                        11

Okeey dokey.
My only issue now is.. apparently there are no green tomatoes out right now.  So, I'm going to go on a hunt this weekend for some.  (Surely someone has green tomatoes!?)  No matter.. even IF i cannot find a green tomato- the tomatillo salsa will make do for the green.

And dinner
Will then
Be served.

Are you 'green' with envy yet?

Tuesday is the veganization night.  Stay tuned!

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