Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fried, Green, it must be a tomato! Recipe 29

I wish someone would pay me for these things.   Heck $5 a veganization would help!  I need to start the poor starving vegan girl fund-line.   Duke energy eats all my money, groceries, now gas.  I'm barely making it, but darnit, I'm going to keep proving to you guys that responsible, cruelty free eating is the way to be if it drains me completely!!

(well not.. but I'm going to keep going til I can't anymore!)

Let's mosey on over to recipe 29, Fried Green Tomato Sandwiches!
Let's recall that my last post had us at the Hungry Bear, eating this (without the remoulade which made it un-vegan.)  The recipe however that I had would have made this whole freakin amazing sandy un-vegan!  (hello milk, eggs, cheese!)  But i'll have you look at that sandwich ^^ .
home made remoulade and salsa sauces for the sandwich

According to bff - this is the best thing I've made for her so far.
bff jr.. "YUM!, This is YUMMY!" (she had a little trouble with the vegan cheese but she did good).
bff and I dipped alot in the remoulade.
I even made bff mister a sandwich when he got home, and he loved it too!

So I digress.   I made  the sauces on Friday night (which was again, a remoulade and instead of a Jicama salsa, I made a tomatillo one - which was awesome).   I'd planned to throw down the rest when i got home from work yesterday.. so here's kinda how that looked.
settin up
fryin' in a pan
This, was maajor quick throwdown material.. and once it was done, it plus a dvd of season three of the L-word was tostled into an owl bag and ready to go to bff's house!
So off it went.  I put together said sandwiches while bff made a salad, and threw em in the oven to toast and warm them lightly.   The consensus was overall out the roof.  This was AWESOME!

So, recipe 29 down - recipe 30 coming FAST!
Asian themeage for a St. Patrick day treat - (only because SOMEPEOPLE who raised their hands for this one are anti mint! *sigh*.)

Stay tuned, you'll find out tomorrow!

Music enjoyed while blogging:
Subsonic Radio - (China, of all things in Epcot!  Oh but now it's Main St. USA)

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