Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let's go back in time. Recipe 22 - Cat Mama's Vegan Pot Roast

There's a place at WDW, specifically at the Disney Studios, that I have always made a reservation to go to when I've been there.  Mind you, they're not vegan friendly, so I may have to just go there and watch the funny happen around me while I enjoy a drink next time.. but even so, it's still one of my most favorite places ever.
The 50's Primetime Cafe.
And what does Disney.com have to say about this very special place?

50's Prime Time Café serves classic American comfort food in a TV-themed setting. The restaurant sits across from Echo Lake in Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park.
The 50's Prime Time Café menu includes family favorites like golden fried chicken, traditional meatloaf and pot roast, cooked the way Mom used to make it—that is, if Mom were a 1950s sitcom star.
Be welcomed into Mom's family and feel at home in her kitchenette. But Mom expects you to mind your manners, so don't be surprised if she tells you to keep your elbows off the table. It's all part of the old-fashioned fun and gentle ribbing that's served up along with the food.
TV Tables and Tune-In Lounge
For a special treat at 50's Prime Time Café, grab a "TV Table" that seats up to 4 diners and has a television next to the table that broadcasts clips from popular prime time sitcoms circa 1955 including "Father Knows Best" and the original "Mickey Mouse Club."
Bop into 50's Prime Time Café for lunch or dinner. Cocktails, wines by the glass and frosty beers are available from Mom for Guests 21 years of age and older, or relax in the Tune-In Lounge full-service bar and sip Dad's Electric Lemonade or Grandma's Picnic Punch.
From the mid-50s knick-knacks and memorabilia that decorate this restaurant to the dessert menu displayed through viewfinder toys, nostalgia is the main ingredient at 50's Prime Time Café.

Love it!  What is even more awesome are your aunts and uncles and cousins you never even knew you had that drive you batty during your whole dining experience!  One time we went, my cousin Fred stole my Jack Sparrow poster and ran around Dads lounge with it until my Aunt Kimmie stopped him and gave it back.
Another time we were there, Aunt Jane made my mom stand in the corner because she didn't eat all her vegetables.
Another time, I actually got the 'clean plate award' and a free dessert for finishing all my food like a good girl.    Also, you canNOT talk back to your server/cousin/aunt/uncle.. you'll be sorry if you do.  LOL.

Now, I'm not sure I can put on the show these people do with my next veganization..but I can certainly try as I serve it to my baby mama and my babies.   It might actually be quite fun!  But what recipe off this awesome menu am I going to attempt?   Possibly the hardest!
Moms Pot Roast.
Now, the original of this at the Studios looks a lil somethin like this:
So my goal is to make the vegan version look VERY MUCH like that.. and taste ALMOST just as close!
But we need numbers now, don't we!?!

Let's do it.
Moms Pot Roast                                           Cat Mama's Vegan Pot Roast
Calories  - 832                                                                     211
Fat  - 45g                                                                                2.6g                                            
Cholesterol  - 231mg                                                               0                           
Sodium - 1570mg                                                                 1237mg                                                       
Carbohydrates  - 7.8g                                                            41g                                
Fiber   - 1g                                                                          7g
Protien - 83g                                                                         10g
WW Pts - 20                                                                       5

So, I'm serving this to a true vegan, a vegetarian and two carnivores,  (one of them I expect to give me his real opinion on pot roast.)  I've prepped, I'm going through my recipes.. I know what I'm about to do and I am READY!
Now, I just have to get my parental attitude in check.  I think I can do that!   V-log?  Maybe, if I can get my tripod to work the way it's supposed to.  If not, I'll get my baby mama to video tape me being a stern auntie to my non-blood children while serving them.
I'm excited so let's BRING IT ON!

This veganization is slated for Saturday - to serve Saturday night.

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