Sunday, January 15, 2012

Recipe 22 - Cat Mama's Vegan Pot Roast... Disney Style!

I was actually surprised at how easy this was to make, and really how yummy it was!
I always enjoy veganizing for my baby-mama.  She was the first person I ever started veganizing for, so it's a joy when I get to do it again.   The leftovers stayed at her house. ;)

First of all, I like the plate.  I kinda like the theme in a way.  I was wearing my Disney Villains wicked queen apron.  It said "Queen's Poisons"  However, poisons was x'd out and said "Recipes".  So along that same vein we kinda went the scary route with the plates.  Which, it's all fitting, because the place I veganized this from is at the Disney Studios, and the Disney Studios house some of the best 'villain' stuff in all of the WDW resort.. so YAY!   Also, although not a complete villain in his own right - I was wearing a Mr. Jack Sparrow shirt.. so still, the skull and crossbones worked all the way!

I started this veganization in my kitchen, creating the 'pot roast' and the simmering liquid..
To your right folks, is how vegan potroast is born.  Not in a barn where it's ripped away from it's mother.. nope.  It's born in a bowl with spices and liquids.  :)
Then after it gets mixed up, it's seared on all sides and then put into a pot of broth with a BUNCH of veggies to simmer for several hours until it starts smelling so heavenly you have to at least try it's broth.

So... my kitchen was smelling goood allllllllllllll day.  And after a few hours I was ready to leave with it.   However, on the way there was an AHCKSIDENT!  (OH NOES)


Roast about to get seared.

Sooo.   On my way up Glenway ave.. some moron SLAMS on his breaks (no one in front of him)  causing me to SLAM on mine, and crock pot goes flying.. (at least I saved the pot roast) but (thank god baby-mama is vegan)  I had to doctor up my broth and cook it a bit longer when I got to my destination.     So upon getting there, we doctored that up, and my baby Lotus and I started on our mashed potatoes.    As everything cooked, we discussed gadgets and gizmo's a plenty.. whozits and whatsits galore.  (Did you know she's got 20 thingamobobs?)  Not only that she treated us to a dance routine with the Beastie Boys 'Girls' playing in the background.
So, when it was time, I had to create out 'gravy' which turned out even better than I thought.. (from the veggies and broth.)   Yup - there's me!

I put that goodness in my lil bullet blender with a hint of cornstarch and it turned into the best golden/brown gravy I've ever seen!
At this point, our potatoes were ready to mash up.   I know Lotus would have loved to help with that, but it was waaaay too hot for her, and besides I already had a very important job for her to finish up with our dishes.. and of course in true 2012 Rainbows of Vegan Love tradition, I got it on video (thanks to my baby mama) and you're about to get the chance to watch my Lotus and I at work creating what turned out to be an EXTREMELY yummy Saturday night dinner and a very successful veganization for this week.   So, without further ado - let me present to you  - Lotus Young Stigar and Sheri Fuqua in the kitchen, plating our first 'Cat Mama's Vegan Pot Roast'.  Please.. enjoy!

So, with that veganization under my belt, I'm about to get ready to travel over to my sisters house and enjoy and hour of Kundalini with her and make her mouth water with the next veganization I'm going to do.
We've traveled to all of the WDW parks.. where are we about to go now?
Well - I've heard about a place there where "O'hana means family, and family means no one get left behind"... and since MY O'hana has been asking for me to make this recipe for some time now - their wish is about to be granted... because a dream is a wish your heart makes and all. ;)

Ponder that one, and I'll get with you later this week.

Happy weekend everyone!

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