Monday, January 9, 2012

Vegan Chocolate Mouse (Mousse) - Recipe 21 - Délicieux!!

Ok, à gauche is what the original Disney patisserie mousse looks like.   Mine, a lil bit different.   I don't have a nifty way to make it look all frilly, and I didn't make a white chocolate triangle.. what I DID do, was add chocolate non pariels (like they have there) and I put whipped cream on top  (vegan whipped cream!).. omyum!

I'd orginally planned to videotape this veganization (ala V-Log) and I did, but my video camera decided to quit on me.  :(  Sad.  So instead, I'm going to make you all happy to see me by vlogging my eating of the mousse.. (you'll like that, right?  It'll be like you're sitting there and enjoying it with me!)
What I do NOT eat, goes to my parents house tomorrow for dinner.  This was a request by my sister so she'll be the one doing the honors.. and maybe I can even get Megs to eat some.  We'll see!

Regardless, this was super duper easy.  My initial thought was to make this with bananas and avocadoes... but my sister has an avocado fear, so right now I thought I'd give her a break (THIS TIME.  {wicked laugh})    Melt, add, blend.. that's all!  It would have taken alot more work had it been a full fat mousse.  So look, better for you and alot easier to make!  How can you go wrong!?   

So, I sit here - with the Mickey ears on I had during the vlog, waiting for another hour to pass so that I can show you how lovely it is to eat.  That and it's in my grandma's crystal - so that's going to make it taste even better!   So I'll take over the time (because it's going to elapse really nicely for you folks) and find something else to do, I suppose.

Are you ready for this?   Here it is, here I am eating this vegan Disney chocolate 'mouse'. 

Not you, Ratatouille.. you can calm down now.

Anyway, here is what you've been waiting for.


You wanted it, it's silly, it's boring and I abuse my cat-child by pushing her off the table (please don't call 241-cats.. she really is very spoiled), but here it is!:

(oh, here's a game!  count how many times I say "anyway"... that might make it less boring!)

Now that you've gotten through that, I'll hold off on posting til I've gotten my victims thoughts on the subject.

So, my sister had her 'mousse'.   As I mentioned at the table, it's more 'puddingy' than moussey... basically because it lacks the egg white 'whippy' stuff that makes mousse the whipped up stuff it is, but it was still yummy.   She liked it, even though she ate it w/o rice whip (I dunno why it's awesome that way).   There was a moment in time when my dad said it was too 'light' to be mousse... and she said 'cuz it's probably milk chocolate... and I did then call my sister a moron, because DUH!!!
Milk chocolate... this is a VEGAN dish. :P
Anyway, if you can't be Frank (or Sheri for that matter) with your family, who can you be Frank (or Sheri) with?

Anyhoo - another successful veganization under my skin; maybe I'll take the leftovers to girls night tomorrow.. I bet Elena would like that!

And that is that!
Where will we be going next?
Well, we've been to the Magic Kingdom (DoleWhip)
We've been to Animal Kingdom (Expedition Everest Drink)
We've now been to Epcot's France (Chocolate Mousse)
We have another park to go to!!  We're going to take a visit to the studios and MY favorite restaraunt...  are you excited?
You'll have to wait!

Check me back in a couple of days!


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Subsonic 56k (background - and you heard it, it was some spanish music!)

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