Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Be Our Guest. This time.. in France! (Well, the EPCOT version!)

Considering half of my vacationly life has been spent in one Disney park or another, it only goes to say that I would have to throw more Disney in my veganizations than not, correct?
So to make Disney month at RoVL a sucess.. for our second veganization, we start hitting the side parks (and eateries) around Disney.  Considering we've already traveled to The Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom for our NYE veganization, this week, we're hitting EPCOT! Specifically World Showcase.  Even MORE Specifically France!   Not only that.. THIS WEEK the sister has mentioned the D-Word several times to me. (!!!<3!!!) that's right!  We're planning the new Tower Of Terror run at the studios in September.  This run WAS created for me, all!  Those funky Imagineers said "Oh ok, ok, it's time to create a run for our biggest fan, Ms Sheri."  (C'mon now, who do you know that would get anymore excited than me to possibly run into several villains along a dark running route? Not to mention I cannot stand the excitement of the wait now...  DUH).  I'd much rather run into my favorite villains than a one Mr. Augustus Kroll (yup, won't be doing that run again.) Ah, WDW, your princess is coming home again soon!  :)

Anywho, let's get back to this weeks veganization, shall we?

Take a walk with me through the yellowpages of Google, and find this stunning snippet of the France pavillion in EPCOT's World Showcase.

"The France Pavilion is a cultural area within Epcot theme park where Guests of all ages can experience the art, cuisine and the charm of France.
Be transported across the Atlantic and travel the streets of Paris and the provinces of France during an era known as La Belle Epoque, or "the beautiful time." Beautiful gardens, quaint shops and architecture full of character, along with a scaled-down replica of the Eiffel Tower, suggest an air of French life. 
Attraction: Take a stunning panoramic journey through France during the motion picture, Impressions de France. With its inspirational music and magnificent views of the French countryside, this film at the the comfortable, relaxing Palais du Cinema is a not to be missed.
Dining: Dine at delectable bakeries and two outstanding restaurants: Bistro de Paris and Les Chefs de France
Entertainment: Enjoy hilarious entertainment with Serveur Amusant. 
Shopping: Visit the marketplace and shops carrying fine French goods such as designer fragrances, soaps, cosmetics, wines, dinnerware and kitchen accessories." 

Tucked inside this little pavillion is something they've not mentioned above.. a cute little place called Boulangerie Patisserie.    It's a stop every time I've gone here.  They have the most TO DIE FOR Chocolate Mousse you ever put in your mouth.   I'm serious folks.  If you've had it, you know what I'm talking about.  It's just the right consistency, flavor, etc.   So, it's in my power to make this happen on over to the vegan world.. simply because.
I bet Belle would eat it... ;)

We need a name.. we need a REALLY good name.  Chocolate Mousse doesn't cut it.   How about 'Vegan Chocolat Mouse'  Why not?  Why NOT I say.  It's Disney.  It's Do-able.

But let's ask a REAL 'little' chef for the numbers, shall we?
Chocolat mouse?  But I'm a rat.. don't push me in this soup!
Patisserie Chocolate Mousse                                            Vegan Chocolat Mouse
       1 cup                                                                              1 cup
Calories  - 331                                                                      179
Fat  - 25g                                                                                9g                                            
Cholesterol  - 143mg                                                               0                           
Sodium - 45mg                                                                    35mg                                                       
Carbohydrates  - 29g                                                             19g                                
Fiber   - 2.2g                                                                          1g
Protien - 3.5g                                                                         4.2g
WW Pts - 10                                                                           5

Okey Dokey artichokey.
So, since my sister requested this one, I'm making it for her.   I'll make it on Sunday and she'll suck it down on Monday.   She'll ask for more too. ;)
I thought I might make her reaal paranoid and make it with Avocado, but since I'm nice (since she's apparantly avocadophobic and I'm not sure how that is, since we're related and anything Avocado to me is like anything Disney... GEEEVE IT TOO MEE.) I'm not going to do that.  Instead, I'll find something else.  But one of these days, an avocado is going to creep up in something she eats and she'll have no idea!

Dessert - is ON THE MENU, and  I'm going to leave you with this message until we meet again.. please enjoy. 

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