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Happy New Year - Recipes 20 - Vegan Disney Inspired New Year Drinks!

I know, it's what you're all waiting for..

But before I get to the nitty gritty.. let me bring you into the basic idea.

My goal - to make 2 Disney inspired drinks for the New Year.   #1 - The Disney Dole Whip.  Created originally for Adventureland, exclusively in the Magic Kingdoms of Disney parks.  The Dole whip is basically pineapple flavored ice cream, with a splash of pineapple juice.   The vegan version, I'm proud to say - tasted just like the actual Dole whip.  The only difference is that I don't have one of those fancy soft serve ice cream machines to make it look like the real thing.. so I had to improvise with a plastic bag.  No matter.. it was still yummy.

The scene:  Well, it was SUPPOSED to be happy children tweeting around like birds.. but this is what happens when you don't get a chance to prep a child ahead of time.  It's OK.. it would have been easier with one child.  We apparantly had a miscommunication in the lil girl world that these stuffed birds were Elena's birds, in HER room.  Lol, which created a bit of a grump for a slight moment on Elena's part.. which I completely understand (been there done that, I was probably her age!)  It's ok, she very sweetly (off camera) apologized to me.  Even though I didn't need an apology, she's a good girl though. :).   We still all had fun.    What did we learn from this first V-log?  Kids need preparation.  Which I knew already - but as I've said, it's harder to prep two kids then it is one especially when we go to a V-log as soon as everyone gets there.  So we lived and learned through this one.  It was cute though.  Very cute.  I'm not going to edit.. because I think you'll giggle at the hard-core REALness of this video.    So I present to you - how fun it is to use children who've got no clue what it is they're actually supposed to do, while you try to keep it together in a kitchen which isn't your own. )  Hehe.  I asked for this one.   I love it though!
I present to you the veganization of the Disney Dole Whip - or our version - The 'New Whip':

Whew.. are you ready for the next one?  ;)
So, while the girls were supposed to be watching 'Tangled' (I'll have you know it was the ADULT girls who finished out the movie!)  I prepped the 'yeti eyes' for the next drink.  The premise to the next drink was to veganize the "Expedition Everest" drink, made for the ride of the same name at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida.   What makes this drink un-vegan is the MASS of whipped cream on top - recreating the 'snowy mountain'.  Now, I've never had an EE to compare it to our 'Happy New Yeti's' but I must say, this drink was rather tasty!  Not only that, it was easy to make, and this time we had several happy girls in the room. (It's this point where we were wondering if Mr Jason - who also tried our drinks - was re-thinking his plans to go out for the New Year rather than stay in with a bunch of giggly girls.. hehe).   Everyone got in on this.. even our token Yeti! (who now has a home on my refrigerator.)  I'll have you know - only two of these were 'virgin vegan new yeti's'  I am not sure {Christy} who's idea {Christy} it was to unvirginize {Christy} these drinks.. but after we made the two for the girls, out popped the vodka (and you'll get a kick out of how proud Elena was when talking about the Vodka bottle at the store - make sure you listen for it).   This was a fun one.   Also, notice how versed my lil Elena bug is in being a vegan..  I'm telling you - she's going to be one before too long!  Even Amerie got into the vegan mix, with her little blurb on kittens! (Such smart lil ones!)
So, I present to you - the veganization of the EE - or our version - The 'Happy New Yeti!'

All in all, we had a BLAST!  The girls stayed up til a lil past midnight and I couldn't have asked for a more energizing night or veganization.
I've now proudly victimized two new victims in our un-celebrity chefdom!
Hope you all had a Happy New Year!

Remember - it's DISNEY MONTH!   Stay tuned for what's next.  I hear it's "succĂ©danĂ© de chocolat"!   Be our guest!!

See ya real soon!

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