Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hollywood is a planet.. Recipe 24. My brush with fame.

Sometimes I like to think I'm famous.   After all, was it a friend of mine around Christmastime who said to another.. "Sheri's a celebrity blogger now!" ?  Ah. Hahaha.  I've got a ways to go before I'm a celebrity like say - Hanna Harto or anything.. (gathumpa).  But I'm on my way!

As such, I want to recount with you, my dear readers the brush with fame that my bestie Christy and I had at Planet Hollywood - some year when we were both much younger and stupider...  a brush with fame we had no clue was even coming!   This brush was a super surprise to us (and I'm sure everyone in line knew it too... but us?  Shoot, we were hungry, we had no clue.)

First of all, let me introduce you to our last trek through Disney ground for our veganizations... Downtown Disney.   Specifically, "Planet Hollywood."  Let's see what has to say about Planet Hollywood:

"Planet Hollywood satisfies cravings for traditional American lunch and dinner fare in a star-centric restaurant in Downtown Disney West Side. Menu selections include a variety of filling fare that features BBQ sandwiches, New York Strip Steak and spaghetti with pomodoro sauce.
The three levels of Planet Hollywood are densely decorated with movie memorabilia and props from some of Hollywood's hottest films and TV shows. Stargaze at the displays while you dine under the iconic planetarium-like ceiling. Then commemorate your trip to "Hollywood" with custom Planet Hollywood logo merchandise and other movie-themed souvenirs."

Well, ok, that's about right.  :)  Notice, it's not very vegan friendly eh?   That is OKAY.. because we're not really GOING there.. but we're sure going to talk about it!    Let's start from the beginning.
So, Christy and I decided we were hungry.. and at this point we were not ravenous or anything.. uh, HEY LOOK!
It's Mickey!!
Ok, anyway we decided upon Planet Hollywood.. (mind you this was YEARS ago, I was a carnivore).    We were excited.. we knew there'd be a wait.. but 2 hours walking up and standing on stairs.. we had no clue that would be our evening.  We went from mediocre hungry to ravenous.. but we enjoyed a few sights along the way.   All I can say for us is that we must have been just sure we didn't want anything else because for the life of me now, I can't imagine why we stood in line for two hours.. but we did.

I digress.. 2 hours passed and we were seated... we were seated upstairs in a balcony section, overlooking the stage where I spose people perform here and there.   We ordered.. we ordered 'Cap'n Crunch Chicken'.. (which was good by the way, and it's what is going to be veganized).   So we sit, we chat, we get our food.. it's good, we talk about how crazy we were to stand in a line for two hours, we discuss how the puffy vegetable colored things under the chicken taste like air.. and then

wait for it

wait for it

Someone announces Mickey Mouse!
Not to be overshadowed by the other guy that was there... Mr. Orry Main himself..  Patrick Swayze!

<-- Orry Main!
Ok, so what was funny is that while we were chanting for Mickey, Patrick is getting the brunt of the action - but mind you, we're in primo spotto here.. how we did this is beyond me.. we had no IDEA Swayze was making an appearance.  What was NOT funny was that because we're in primo spotto.. we have the most obnoxious women LAYING over our Cap'n Crunch Chicken, making fools of themselves trying to get Swayze's attention.     I'm sure Christy said some choice things to them.. as I was trying to shoot pics of Mickey mouse.   But seriously folks.. we could have not timed this any better with a better spot had we known.  Aside from Ob and Noxious over our food.. we had a blast and talked about it (still do) years later.  So what a better thing to do than to try and re-create the food from our brush with fame?

So, that's what's going to happen.. Cap'n Crunch Chicken from Planet Hollywood, will be forever engrained to us as "Swayze's Crunchy Vegan Chicken" (RIP Orry)  and who better to victimize this with than the one girl who shared this experience with me?  That's right.. the salad maker extraordinaire and her baby girl.. Christy and Elena!

                                                        But let's do the numbers for this lil gem.

Cap'n Crunch Chicken                                              Swayze's Crunchy Vegan Chicken
Calories 459.8                                                             260
Total Fat 23.0 g                                                            9.8                  
Cholesterol 110.9 mg                                                    0
Sodium 647.9 mg                                                        325
Total Carbohydrate 34.1 g                                             24.1
Dietary Fiber 1.2 g                                                       1.2                       
Protein 28.5 g                                                             12                       
WW Pts 12                                                                  6

Whoot!  Ok, so for this veganization.. not only am I doing it on my birthday.. but I'm going to do something special for you all since I didn't do a V-Log last week.   It's going to be cute, it's going to be funny and after that, and after we devour our 'chicken' and our salad.. we'll be endulging in VEGAN BIRTHDAY CAKE!!  MmMmMmM!  *shakes with excitement*.

So, what'll I do?
I guess you'll have to wait and see!
It'll be out of this world and Oscar worthy, you just wait.. I'm casting some real awesome players!

Til Then!
Keep smiling!

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