Monday, January 23, 2012

Recipe 23 - Experiment 626 Bread

Welcome to recipe 23!   My vegan take on the Disney Polynesian Resorts - "O'Hana" - breakfast bread.   Also known as pineapple coconut bread.   

I must start this blog with an RIP.   You see, the pan I bake my brownies in is the pan I used for half of these rolls.  However, I guess it finally had it's last run.  As will all things, nothing lasts forever and that (being my favorite pan) might have ruined a quarter of these rolls because the oven burnt a hole through the bottom.   We'll see though.  I already ate a bite of the bread from that pan, and it's still pretty good.. although I'll miss that pan.   Sigh.   Regardless, let's get on with it.

Whomever said creating bread was hard, I swear, has never done it.  I think baking bread is probably one of the easiest things a person can ever do.  It starts with flour, water and yeast, and a few more things..  easy right?  Look what you can make!!

Once you have that part done, all you have to do is wait.. wait for it to rise.   So what did I do while I waited?   I did some dishes, I re-organized my drug drawer.  (I have one of those, don't you?)  I can't believe the amount of crap I had in there.. but you don't really want to know about all that because this is a blog about food.  But really I'm trying to pass the time with you as I had to pass the time waiting for this bread to rise.   By the way, did you know it was a sheet of ice out this morning, and now it's warm?  Eh, January.     
Anyway ALSO while I waited I made the filling for this bread.. check it out.
That right there folks, is what you call a pineapple coconut mash up.   It was funny, I used canned pineapple (because it seemed extremely painful to core, slice and crush an in-tact pineapple... even though I have done it before.. and before you ask, no, I didn't break open a coconut either from it's natural form... even though I probably should have taken the time to do both of those things, but eh, I was lazy today.)  Anyway, the moment I opened that pineapple can, all of my kids came running and sniffing the air... lol.   Poor things.  I guess I should really feed them!  
Anyway, once your pineapple coconut mash up has chilled, and your dough risen.. what do you do?
Ya do that^^  and then you fold it into itself.  (I had to ask my sister exactly what that meant.. I'm not proud.).    Then you bake and move on with your life like this bread never happened to you!   No, no you don't move on.. then you find a picture of yourself (or someone) either right before, or right after one has eaten the original Ohana version of this bread.
Hhmm  I can't find one, so you're not getting one.
So, how did the victims like it?   Well, my Ohana is a lil obsessed with this bread.. in fact, last week my mother kinda got a little anxious about it.  "WHERE IS THE BREAD!"  I'm like "CHILL"  (I turned into my neice)  I'm like "CHILL mom! It's NEXT week!"   She mentioned it in the car again too the other night.  Sheesh.   So how did the O'hana like it?
Well, let's see, shall we?

Since I didn't do a V-Log this week.. the REAL 626 decided to join me and ask his 'followers' what they thought of his namesake bread... and not ONLY did we get the O'hana to try - but we added a new victim to be alien abducted into the RoVL victimization society... take a look.

Stitch:  "Vicki like?"  Vicki: "This bread is heavy, but ooh it's good!"

Stitch:  "Nana Like?"  Nana:  "It needs to be warmed up!  Ooh Yum!"

Stitch:  "Sheri like?"  Sheri:  "Whatchu talkin' bout Willis?  This is my third one!"

Stitch:  "Jen like?"   Jen: "It's delicious!"
So, another veganization done.. and our last Disney veganization is quickly coming on over.. what will it be?   Where will it be from?

Well, I have this to say....  it's STAR STUDDED.. It's ENTERTAINING... you do NOT want to miss a minute of it..  (not only that, I'm doing it on my birthday!)   

Keep it tuned right here!

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Subsonic Radio 5k

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Vegan fried chicken (still!)

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Websites moving easily.

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