Wednesday, February 1, 2012

..And that's a wrap! Recipe 24, Swayze's Crunchy Vegan Chicken

Yesterday was my birthday, and a beautiful day all around.  You might wonder why I chose to do a veganization on my birthday?  Well I don't have an answer to that.  Regardless, allow me to tell you all about it.

It was a bright blue day.. and warm, extremely warm for January.  Considering when I was a kid, my parties used to be canceled by blizzards, this one we had a thunderstorm!  No worries!   I started my day making creole sauce for the crunchy chicken for dinner.  I found the original recipe from Planet Hollywood online and very carefully veganized it minus a couple of ingredients (which were not noticeable at all!  Seems it's really hard to find vegan horseradish, but I don't like horseradish anyway, so it wasn't missed).

So, after that I had a whole day I had to fill.  I didn't want to make the chicken until right up to the time I had to leave for Christy's house.   

Now, remember, Christy was the one we discussed on the previous blog, the story about how she and I were trying to eat Cap'n Crunch chicken while Mickey Mouse and Patrick Swayze (rip) were in the house? 
However, we've met Christy and lil Elena before, so they're not new to us.   Regardless, I had to wait til school and work was over for them, so I ended up spending the afternoon at Frisch's and 'The Candy Bar'.   Whoohah.  I did have fun though.  
I do want to shout out to everyone who made my birthday spectacular starting with Friday and ending out to last night.  My baby mama, my baby, my family, the lady at the spa who put me in a state of bliss I might never be in again, AK, my kids, and of course Christy and Elena!   

So, when it was time, I started making the ol' cap'n crunch chicken, which we've dedicated specifically to Swayze.  And here was the setup!
Once this baybee was done, it didn't take long at all.. this is much like the setup for fried chicken.
The end result was oh-so-delicious. 
I like to remind my victims that most of the time that I'm trying these dishes for the very first time too - and this was one that I was a virgin to til last night.  It was cute, Elena even asked for MORE.   However, we were piggy and ate it all. But Christy did keep the creole sauce.  :)   

So, remember I told you about how we came to eat the original Cap'n Crunch Chicken at Planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney?  Well, to end my Disney veganizations, I decided that instead of v-logging the veganization,  I would v-log what happened to Christy and I that night.. So, without further ado - you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want it to stop!  

Christy - Starring as herself
Elena - Starring as Sheri
Sheri - Starring as 'crazy Swayze nut'

Our v-log for my last Disney veganization:

Do you love it?  lol.   We had so much fun.
And for dessert?  
Take a look at this beauty.   
Whooo loves me?  :)  I love owls (If you don't know this already)  and I have the most lovely Mary Beth King (owner of the fantabulous - Sweet Peace Bakery to thank for this absolutely yummyfied cake goodness!   Is it not one of the cutest things you ever did see?  And Christy wanted to get the whole birthday song and presentation on video, so you not only get our veganization on video tonight, you get the birthday video as well... are you not the most lucky people in the world?  (You'd have been luckier to have had vegan cake with us!)

So here's that video too!

All in all this is another successful veganization.. and the end of our Disney veganization trek.  This is NOT to say we won't revisit Disney again (remember I'm obsessed).   But for now, it's back down to earth (you know how that happens after vacation).

Stay tuned VERY SOON for my next veganization that couples a football game, with a lil taste of Cincinnati.  
Can you guess what we're going to do!?!?!

Have a beautiful February!

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