Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The original "Horse Meat".

Frou Frou!
So, last week there was a big overspill of anger in (several) communities because they lifted the ban on horse-meat.   I for one, am appalled.   There are arguments that say:  "Why not?  It's just like eating cow meat, deer meat, etc".   Maybe so.  But when most people think of cows, they don't usually think of their best friend that rode them into the sunset.   Roy Rogers didn't ride a cow named Trigger, did he?  They didn't send cows into battle did they? You never heard of prince charming on his white COW now have you?
-No indeedy. -
He's on his trusty horse.  His pal.  The one guy he can count on.  So, my question is.  Would you eat your dog?  (Yeah maybe I sound like the fools that ask me 'what next?  They'll allow people to marry their cats?'  Bite me.)

I think this is where people are getting all sorts of bent out of shape.  I personally am getting bent out of shape because I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (have ever since I was a tiny thing) horses!   Love.  Did I say I loved them!?

So - that pushes me into my next veganization.  You see, every year I'd ask for a horsey for Christmas.  I got a couple (plastic ones).  Let's remember "Clip Clop".  (Did anyone of you not reading this have a clip clop?!)  OMG I did.  Later on in life though I ended up un-springing him and turning him into a 'carousel horse' for my neicage.  Now I think that Corinne has him.  I'm not sure.  
Comet and I!

Closest I've ever got to 'having' a horse was to get to go horseback riding every now and again.  Latest time being this October.  See me there on your right?  That's me and Comet.   Comet was a blast.  She was also naughty naughty.  But it's ok.  I love her. <3  I made sure to give her extra kisses before I left.  Surprisingly enough the horse guy didn't look at me like I had three eyes as I loved on her.  She was brilliant.  I want a Comet.  I'll never GET a Comet, but I want one.  :)

Every now and again I would also get to help the ex with the horses down the street when she was put on horse duty.  We'd muck the stables and feed Jack, Jones, Typhoon and Zephyr.   (Ty and Zeph were mini horses - omg so cute).  I miss them.  Much like I miss my big headed dog.. but I digress, let's move on.  This is about food - not me!

I've decided for this veganization (since it's just me).  I am going to make Equine Burgers.   (This is when you pipe in.. "WHAT?  THIS IS A VEGAN BLOG!  HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND!?!")
Chill a moment, folks.. don't lose your cool ok?     When I say equine burgers, I mean a veggie burger filled with the stuff a horse would eat, NOT filled with horse!  (Yeah go me, horses are vegans too!).  I'm thinking a throw down with lentils, alfalfa, oats, corn, apples carrots, oh and don't forget salt.. (what horse doesn't have a salt lick?)    

I think this is brilliant - and I'm going to base it on what an actual (shoot if i can find ANY nutritional info on it) real 'horse burger' would be like.   Only, less horsey. 


Horse Burgers                                                  Vegan Equine Delights
Calories - 133                                                        134 (oh close!)                                         
Fat - 6g                                                                      2g                                       
Cholesterol -52mg                                                   0mg                                                   
Sodium  -452mg                                                      303mg                                                                   
Carbs   - 3g                                                      22                                                                                   
Fiber - 0g                                                                 8                             
Protien - 21g                                                           9                                                                              
WW Pts -  4                                                              3              

I wonder what Mr. Ed would think of this burger?                                      
Ok so now that I need to get back to my work, I will prepare a culinary cabaret of goodness and blend it into one of the best burgers a horse would be THRILLED to eat.  Top it with a tomato, some spinach, some pickles (mm pickles), and other goodies and double it down on Saturday night.  (I'm such a partier - here it is Christmas and I'm making veggie burgers and probably watching bad tv on a Saturday night - ALONE.)  No matter.. this is for all the horses I've ever known.   For all the horses I've loved before... doot doo doo doo doot.

Please don't eat the horses?

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